Article In The Atlantic Says “Trudeau’s Feminist Brand Is Imploding”

More and more people are waking up to the Trudeau Fraud.

The Trudeau PMO scandal has caused massive damage to Justin Trudeau’s image.

The damage has occurred because it revealed the real Justin Trudeau: A servant of the corrupt elites with an image that was a total fraud.

And in a great article in The Atlantic, journalist Katherine Laidlaw details how Trudeau’s ‘feminist brand is imploding,’ including pointing out that his ‘feminist’ agenda seems to be more about other countries, instead of Canada:

Here are some key excerpts:

“Women were losing confidence in Trudeau’s government long before this crisis, with the margin between Liberal and Conservative female voters having narrowedconsiderably in the past year. But over the past month, Trudeau’s feminist branding has splintered. Wilson-Raybould was replaced as minister of justice with a white male MP. That the cabinet’s major fumbles over the past three years have come from men—including Finance Minister Bill Morneau, who has not been shuffled despite a fumble of his own, and Trudeau himself—makes the decision to demote the first indigenous female justice minister out of the portfolio even more mystifying. To most Canadians, according to an Ipsos poll conducted last week, the account offered by the prime minister’s office in response to Wilson-Raybould’s doesn’t check out.”

She adds, “So it’s not surprising that some Canadian women are reconsidering who they’ll be voting for this fall. The country is no closer to a national child-care program, which Trudeau has promoted, and funding the government pledged to stem the housing crisis facing Toronto, Vancouver, and other urban centers has been slow to materialize. Electoral reform, an initiative backed by many women’s organizations that Trudeau promised to execute, has been halted. And the Liberals’ inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women has stalled.”

Laidlaw closes with this:

“Amid it all, one point is strikingly clear: For Canadian women who want to use their vote to ensure an equal seat at the governance table, no major party in their country can offer them even that.”

Clearly, more and more people are waking up to Trudeau’s totally fraudulent image.

You can read Katherine Laidlaw’s full Atlantic article here.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube