BREAKING: Under Growing Pressure, Canadian Government Bans Boeing 737 MAX 8

Transport Minister Marc Garneau says the decision relates to ‘new’ information following the crash of an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 Max 8.

Canada has now joined the European Union, India, China, Indonesia, and many other countries in banning the Boeing 737 MAX 8.

The government was under intense pressure to make the decision, as country after country banned the plane.

Two Boeing 737 MAX 8’s have crashed in the past five months, a very high rate of crashes for what is a new plane.

Yesterday, the government had claimed that they would not be banning the aircraft, a decision which led to a large backlash, including from Canadian Flight Attendants who said they didn’t want to fly on the plane.

This reversal is the right decision.

If a plane cannot be confirmed to be safe, it makes no sense to let it fly until those concerns are addressed and solved.

You can watch video of the Canada Boeing 737 MAX 8 announcement below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube