Canadian Carrier Sunwing Airlines Grounds Boeing 737 MAX 8’s

They say it’s being done for ‘commercial reasons.’

Sunwing Airlines has grounded their Boeing 737 MAX 8’s.

Sunwing is based in Toronto, making them the first Canadian-based carrier to ground the Boeing plane model that has been involved in two crashes in the past five months.

The carrier says the decision was not about concerns over safety, but was made for ‘commercial’ reasons, including the fact that much of the world has banned the plane.

There is now increasing pressure on Transport Minister Marc Garneau to temporarily ban the plane until the issues are figured out, now that some of the world’s largest nations and supranational groupings (India, European Union, China), have banned the plane.

Garneau is expected to deliver an update on Canada’s position this morning.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Robert Anes

Trudeau is the WORST excuse for PM EVER. And HARPER the BEST in the last 50 years.


I believe the Transport Minister should have followed suit instead of announcing to the press that Canada was continuing to look at the data. Looking at data surely would not make me feel any safer. Sometimes I have to question whose interests these people have at heart. Two planes down in 5 months would certainly give me cause to do more that look at data.