Incompetence: Hussen Praised ‘Safe Third Country Agreement’ Months After Getting Memo Saying It Wasn’t Working

The government expects us to trust it to deal with the border, but how can there be any trust when one thing is said publicly and another behind the scenes?

Publicly, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen praised the ‘Safe Third Country Agreement,’ despite the continued problem with illegal border crossings.

Yet, when Hussen praised the agreement, he had been in possession of an internal government memo detailing how the agreement isn’t working.

In fact, he had the memo for months ahead of time.

According to Global News, here’s part of what the memo said:

“With the recent influx of asylum seekers to Canada, the Safe Third Country Agreement is no longer working as intended. Asylum seekers are evading the Canada-United States Safe Third Country Agreement by crossing into Canada between ports of entry where the agreement does not apply. This has brought to our attention gaps that may be creating a pull factor for people to cross illegally into Canada.”

Hussen received that memo on January 18, 2018.

And yet, “Several months later, Hussen struck a positive tone during a press conference in May 2018 in which he praised the Safe Third Country Agreement as a “great tool” and “amazing experience.”

This is total incompetence and dishonesty.

Publicly, the Trudeau government said everything was fine at the border, said the system was great, said the Safe Third Country Agreement was working, while behind the scenes their own internal government information made clear that the Agreement was broken.

While this was all happening, the Liberals attacked and demonized anyone who questioned their immigration policies, falsely trying to make it seem like opposition to illegal immigration somehow means people are anti-immigrant, which is absurd.

This kind of dishonesty just goes to show why the Trudeau Liberals are now embroiled in the SNC-Lavalin PMO Scandal. It’s been lies lies lies all along, and nothing the government says publicly can be trusted.

Spencer Fernando

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