SNC-Lavalin Spent $200K Redecorating Luxury Apartment For Gaddafi’s Son


The SNC-Lavalin corporation spent big on redecorations for a luxury apartment owned by former Libyan Dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

According to a Global News report, “The luxury unit is a remnant of Gaddafi excess. Saadi Gaddafi bought it during a three-month visit to Canada in 2008. A general in the Libyan special forces and briefly a professional soccer player, but best known as Col. Gaddafi’s playboy son, he paid $1.55 million. The hosts of his Canadian junket, executives at SNC-Lavalin, spent another $200,000 redecorating it for their guest, the RCMP alleged in an application for a warrant to search the company’s Montreal office.”


The corporation Trudeau wants to give a Deferred Prosecution to was spending big on sprucing up a luxury unit owned by the son of a brutal dictator, the dictator of the same country they face bribery charges in.

And that’s not all they paid for:

“When Saadi Gaddafi was in Canada, either SNC-Lavalin or the Libyan Embassy would cover his expenses,” the summary said. After he bought his Toronto condo, SNC-Lavalin executives paid $202,333 to a local design firm, the RCMP alleged in its search warrant application. The money was for redecoration costs for the condo, the RCMP alleged, adding the executives paid his condo fees as well.”

They also paid for Gaddafi to get luxury yachts and allegedly paid for prostitutes while he was in Canada.

What a disgrace.

A company that does those things should not get a deferred prosecution, and Trudeau has disgraced himself and the entire government for trying to undermine the justice system to benefit that company.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube