Facing Possibility Of RCMP Probe, Trudeau & His Staff Are Hiring Lawyers

Report indicates how worried the PMO is about the continuing scandal.

The Globe & Mail is reporting that Justin Trudeau and top PMO officials have hired private lawyers, as they face the possibility of an RCMP probe.

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and senior officials in his office have retained outside legal counsel in case of an RCMP investigation into allegations of political interference in the criminal prosecution of SNC-Lavalin Group.

Mr. Trudeau’s communications director, Cameron Ahmad, told The Globe and Mail on Friday that Treasury Board rules allow for hiring of outside counsel when government officials are either sued, threatened with a suit, charged with an offence or under threat of being named in a legal action.”

Additionally, “A senior government official, who was not authorized to speak publicly about the matter, said an outside law firm has been hired to represent Mr. Trudeau, and another law firm will handle staff in the Prime Minister’s Office. The second law firm will act on behalf of Mr. Trudeau’s chief of staff, Katie Telford, Quebec adviser Mathieu Bouchard and senior adviser Elder Marques, the official said.”

At this point neither the government nor the RCMP have said whether an investigation is taking place.

However, the opposition has been pushing for an investigation, especially considering how corrupted the ‘justice’ committee has become.

Without an independent investigation free of political influence, Canadians can’t get the truth, because the Trudeau Liberals are now in full cover-up mode.

Additionally, the fact that the PMO is retaining lawyers shows how big of a scandal this is. After all, why would they be lawyering up for a story that’s ‘false?’

Spencer Fernando

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Gerri Page

If he hires lawyers then he should pay for them all personally and not taxpayers.

Shawn Brake

Hope they all go to jail

Gordon E Surbey

It’s rather disconcerting to find out that Canadian Taxpayers must cover the costs of outside council for the PM and his office staff, should this scandal be ‘properly investigated’ and legal action is required. If this comes to pass, I hope that any individuals found ‘guilty’ of criminal offences are also required to ‘reimburse taxpayers’ for their own legal costs. Can anyone clarify this?


Don’t count on it….ethics committee has already chipped him about some lavish trips he takes that he doesn’t pay back or take on his own dime…at least Harper paid it back…didn’t need lawyers but if he did I’m sure he would have paid that back too…and I wasn’t a fan of Harper but trudeau is making sick.

Eleanor Merkus

Well, you never know what they are hiding, but it’s probably something big and illegal… And dirty!


Justin Trudeau has not even served for a full term and already he has to hire a lawyer to get him out of the trouble he has caused for himself. Canadians deserve better governance than this.


Good thing Canada can still borrow more money to pay for all this. So I hope the RCMP does a really good job for Canadians and finds the rest of their bloopers, all of them.


The RCMP does not investigate bloopers but criminal activity.


He’s got lots of money for expensive lawyers. He and his staff have no right to access our tax money for his lawyers. This is all on his head. He will be asking for more than we are willing to give, because it’s 2019.


Wow! I looks like Everything is going to Come Out, so why doesn’t Trudeau and his Staff just Face the Music and let Jody Wilson-Raybould tell Canadians the Whole Truth!


What boils me is that “WE” are paying for these pricks’ lawyers!!


Will Jody Wilson-Raybould be able to tell the RCMP everything that happened or can Trudeau still force her to not say anything to them?


The entire party needs to be removed so and replaced and Justin Trudeau must never again be allowed to ‘practice’ in the future.

If this were any other career that involved a professional designation chances are he’d lose his ‘licence’. PMs must subscribe to the very laws that they govern. Remove him and remove his ability to ever enter public office again.


i wouldn’t trust the RCMP , they are Gov’t puppets.Bring in someone else to conduct the investigation.


And they just named a new commissioner if I am correct

Jill Ward


Allen Burrell

Undoubtedly they will be the best lawyers money can buy. Our money, tax payers money. That is who will be footing those legal expenses and bills. The thought about the costs associated with incarceration is much easier to consider acceptable.

shawn harris

Lets see now, Trudeau is all lawyered up now, and why would that law firm believe any single word Trudeau would say to them, when Trudeau can’t find the courage to speak the truth to Canadians. Trudeau will most likely show those lawyers the same openness and transparency he shown to all Canadians so far, absolutely none. By hiring a law firm to protect himself and his job as PM, Trudeau is declaring to all Canadians he is hiding something so criminal in nature that revealing now would most likely send him to jail. The only real purpose for getting… Read more »


The liberal MP was Francis Drouin, who is normally not part of the committee. So why was he there on that day ? Drouin was also the employer for Michael Wernicks son Paul Wernick in the 2015 campaing and while in office. How can Michael Wernick say that he’s non-partisan when his son was working for a liberal MP.

David MacKAY

So Trudeaus Liberal Leftist RCMP hasn’t started any investigation into the Federal Cabinets Criminal Obstruction of the Lavelin case – but Trudeau’s hand picked RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki has started an investigation into the United Conservative Party of Alberta to smear them before the upcoming provincial election. Trudeau obviously has Dictatorial control and is ensuring his Fascist priorities are in order.


I think you are right, but hope you are wrong. I hope the RCMP is waiting for the right time…when most is exposed, when good evidence-based stuff is easily accessible, leaving the margin of error almost nonexistent.


Totally agree David MacKAY.

Sharlene Crawford

Trudeau should be investigated but I have grave concerns about the RCMP. They have not stepped in yet and after all they are bought and paid for by the government. Trudeau’s tentacles are far reaching and dug deep into so many. He has bought and paid for CBC and other media outlets. He is bought and paid for by SNC-L. He runs in the wealthy circles who own him as well. He is lying imposter who buys and sells Canadians for his pleasure.


Unfortunately it’s our $$$$ he uses to bribe everyone, so if they had a brain they double back on him and do what we say!


More than fifty years ago, when the Beatles were at the height of their fame, a couple of U.S. showbiz executives put together a phoney band and called it the Monkees. The Monkees couldn’t sing. Their concerts were are all lip-sync. They had a TV show although they couldn’t act. The Monkees were a gimmick which worked for a while despite the phoney singers, phoney musicians, and the fabrication. Trudeau reminds me of the Monkees. He was manufactured by the Liberal Party although his qualifications for the job were as solid as Jell-O.


Well, hopefully it’s independent and free of interference. The RCMP are not exactly pure as the driven snow, and Trudeau is so crass (and so scared), he’ll likely try to interfere with their investigation too!!


DISGUSTING HUMAN BEING. October cannot come soon enough.


Hiring personal lawyers with TAX PAYER $$ .. if that is not a crime, IT SHOULD BE.

rodrick baziw