SHOCK POLL: Quebec Residents Believe Jody Wilson-Raybould Over Trudeau, Vast Majority Say He’s ‘Badly Managed’ PMO Scandal

The Conservatives have also cut into Trudeau’s lead in Canada’s second largest province.

A new poll shows the Trudeau Liberals facing serious trouble in Quebec – the province they’ve been counting on to counteract expected losses in the rest of Canada.

According to a Leger Poll conducted on behalf of the Montreal Journal, the Liberals have fallen from 39% to 35% in the polls since the controversy began. Meanwhile, the Conservatives have moved from 21% to 25%.

So, the Liberals have gone from having an 18 point lead to having a 10 point lead, which would cause a big swing in seats.

Additionally, 51% of Quebec residents want a change in who governs the country.

More believe Jody Wilson-Raybould

Trudeau and his cronies have been counting on his story being believed in Quebec, but that isn’t happening.

39% say they believe Jody Wilson-Raybould, while 25% say they believe Trudeau. 36% say they don’t know who to believe.

Notably, while 59% of Quebec residents say they want SNC-Lavalin to pay a large fine rather than go to court, that hasn’t caused people to like how Trudeau is handling the scandal.

In fact, just 11% of people in Quebec say things have been “well managed” by Trudeau, while a whopping 68% say things have been “badly managed.”

This poll makes it clear that – despite the cynical Trudeau PMO and political class thinking that they would gain support in Quebec from the PMO Scandal – the opposite is taking place.

Across the country, Canadians know corruption and government dishonesty when we see it.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube