SHOCK POLL: Quebec Residents Believe Jody Wilson-Raybould Over Trudeau, Vast Majority Say He’s ‘Badly Managed’ PMO Scandal

The Conservatives have also cut into Trudeau’s lead in Canada’s second largest province.

A new poll shows the Trudeau Liberals facing serious trouble in Quebec – the province they’ve been counting on to counteract expected losses in the rest of Canada.

According to a Leger Poll conducted on behalf of the Montreal Journal, the Liberals have fallen from 39% to 35% in the polls since the controversy began. Meanwhile, the Conservatives have moved from 21% to 25%.

So, the Liberals have gone from having an 18 point lead to having a 10 point lead, which would cause a big swing in seats.

Additionally, 51% of Quebec residents want a change in who governs the country.

More believe Jody Wilson-Raybould

Trudeau and his cronies have been counting on his story being believed in Quebec, but that isn’t happening.

39% say they believe Jody Wilson-Raybould, while 25% say they believe Trudeau. 36% say they don’t know who to believe.

Notably, while 59% of Quebec residents say they want SNC-Lavalin to pay a large fine rather than go to court, that hasn’t caused people to like how Trudeau is handling the scandal.

In fact, just 11% of people in Quebec say things have been “well managed” by Trudeau, while a whopping 68% say things have been “badly managed.”

This poll makes it clear that – despite the cynical Trudeau PMO and political class thinking that they would gain support in Quebec from the PMO Scandal – the opposite is taking place.

Across the country, Canadians know corruption and government dishonesty when we see it.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Ralph Knapp

SNC Lavalin is shaping up to be the biggest, deepest scandal ever perpetuated since Confederation. It needs to be ex
posed ASAP.

Len Shier

Sounds to me like they don’t have a problem with the scandal itself … just how it was managed … !!!
Now we look bad in front of the world. Yes, we wouldn’t want to LOOK BAD, now would we … too bad — the truth is out!!


Where is Jody’s lawyer to put an end to dictator Justin trudeau’s hold on her?
If he doesn’t speak up, the media will do anything to silence her as well for their justin’s sake.
If this scandal is not resolved or brought to justice other companies will seek justin’s corruption to aide them in flourishing.
Liberal corruption is well known, that’s why they are used for, not because they like the liberals.per say, it because they can easily be used. Flash a millions and presto, the liberals are in their back pocket§.


Trudeau is absolutely shocked that anyone would even consider going against his demands. I wonder if anyone has ever said NO to him? Looks like he simply cannot handle negativity.

Thank you, Spencer, for having this site. It is one of the few sites that I trust.

shawn harris

Much to Trudeau’s disbelief , his well honed cleverness has produced exactly the opposite of what he was hoping for,not a day of election victory, but a day of reckoning and judgement by the people who he lied too and took for granted. Trudeau’s brilliance in being a total fraud is his greatest flaw, which will surely lead to him no longer being PM come October. Even his lies no longer hold the attention or trust of the public, but now produce just suspicion and anger. Such is the cleverness of the manboy who would be king of Canada.