Governor General Julie Payette Tweeted Almost The Exact Same Thing As Andrew Scheer. So Why Didn’t The Liberals & Establishment Media Attack Her?

Because it’s all political games and BS.

This is what Andrew Scheer first Tweeted as news of the horrific terrorist attack in New Zealand first broke:

“Freedom has come under attack in New Zealand as peaceful worshippers are targeted in a despicable act of evil. All people must be able to practice their faith freely and without fear. 1/2”

“There are no words strong enough to condemn this kind of vile hatred. I am praying for peace for the families of those lost and recovery for those injured. 2/2”

Scheer faced intense criticism from the Liberals and the establishment media for not mentioning the words ‘Muslim’ or ‘Mosque’ in his statement. He later did so in further Tweets, and has since visited a Mosque in Saskatchewan to express his solidarity with Muslim Canadians, which is certainly the right thing to do.

But let’s take a moment and see what the Governor General Tweeted shortly after the attack, as pointed out by Marvelanne on Twitter:

“We must come together to condemn the horrific attack on Christchurch, where senseless and intolerable violence erupted. Canada stands with New Zealand and our hearts go out to the families of the victims, as well as to all those who have been hurt by this tragedy.”


Payette’s Tweet didn’t use the word ‘Muslim’ or ‘Mosque.’

She basically shared the exact same sentiments as Scheer, sentiments which are 100% accurate considering that violence against any innocent people – whatever their faith may be – is wrong and must be condemned.

Yet, where is all the criticism of her?

Why aren’t the Liberals and media establishment attacking her the same way they attacked Andrew Scheer?

Why isn’t she being condemned by the elites?

Because it’s all political games and BS.

Catherine McKenna gave the game away from the beginning, when she immediately politicized the tragedy to try and score points against Scheer, while being totally silent on Payette’s Tweet.

The Liberals and the establishment aren’t actually upset with Scheer, they’re upset with the fact that the PMO scandal is dragging them down, and they’re grasping for anything they think can turn the tide – no matter how disgusting and divisive it is.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Wow. It is hard to comment lately because Spencer’s comments say it all.


McKenna you are a piece of work and should be ashamed of yourself. You and your co-worker are running scared and will be kicked to the curb


It is disgusting how some people would rather fire up their flame throwers for personal
gain than express compassion for the injured and the families and friends of the victims.
There is no excuse for such despicable behaviour.


man you are dense..


120 Christians were killed in Nigeria and 25 Christians were killed in Philippine and you said nothing.

Dave Shirlaw

All comms for GG now coME from PMO.


Can you imagine “the Last Supper” in the age of smart phones? Nude photos of Mary Magdalene, Jesus tweeting that he now has more followers than the Pharisees, and God running three “Face Book” accounts – one for Jews, one for Christians and one for Muslims. Nah, the Churches would ban social media so the message would have to go through them. Reminds me of a variation on an old joke – “…a Prime Minister, an Attorney General and a Lavalin executive all walk into a bar….”