BREAKING: Liberal Members Of Justice Committee Issue Letter Signalling Intention To SHUT DOWN Further Meetings

They’re saying they’ve heard enough.

Last week, I said the Liberals were in full cover-up mode in the PMO Scandal.

And now, that cover-up is ramping up more than ever before.

The Liberal MPs on the Justice Committee have written a letter to the chair of the committee (who is also a Liberal), saying that they Committee has “achieved our objectives” and say that the Ethics Commissioner investigation is where the investigation should proceed.

The letters can be read below:

Of course, the Ethics Commissioner is currently on an extended medical leave. Also, even if people are found guilty by the Ethics Commissioner the worst that can happen is a $500 fine.

Plus, to say the committee has ‘finished’ is absolutely absurd.

Jody Wilson-Raybould is still blocked from speaking freely, and unlike Michael Wernick, she didn’t get the chance to testify a second time.

But the Liberals don’t care about that. They’re going to use their majority on the committee to implement a full Corrupt Cover-up and deny the truth to the Canadian People.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Don Taylor

The liberal corruption goes back to Pierre Turdeau and his son? Justin Turdeau is following in his fathers footsteps


I can’t put into words that are acceptable on Spencer’s site how I and likely hundreds of thousands of other real Canadians feel. Anger, disgust, horror, helplessness, frustration, rage. What is it going to take to clean up this Liberal culture of arrogance, a Court case? Brison and all the others involved have to keep in mind they can be called as witnesses in a Court of Law. Canadians have the right to find out how deep and how extensive this Liberal culture has spread. Lavalin just might be the film at the top.

Dennis Martens

So it’s liberals judging the liberals ha ha ha ha they will find trudeau not guilty can it get amore scandal then this

peter black

Well that does it. Get the OECD in and get the Mounties on this . The smell now is unbearable

D Met

I’m not sure the RCMP is removed far enough from Trudeau’s reach. We really need an independent body bringing the crooks to justice.

David MacKAY

Trudeau hand picked Brenda Lucki as his loyalist RCMP Commissioner. Did you notice the RCMP is ignoring the Lavalin matter and the letter written from the opposition leaders? Instead the RCMP has opened up0o an investigation on the Alberta Conservative party leader with an election call imminent?.

Ana Gomes

Ah Ah Ah…Why was I so suspicious about the actions of the RCMP? Banana Republic., here we are. Brenda Lucki, eh? How lucky can Canadians be? Everything is homemade ,in the Libs dirty kitchens. How did a brainless weasel P.M managed to get us to this point? Is this new Lucki Commissioner going to do a much needed Investigation on the works of the Trudeau’s Foundation? The uneven flow of contributions offers a suspicious pattern and should be analyzed. But, by a liberal appointment, like everything else? wow. Canadians, this is clean living…


I think if you check you’ll find that whether it’s the PM or members of his Cabinet/MPs if they try and influence an AG, a judge, a court or a Court Martial it is an INDICTABLE OFFENCE – NOT just an “ethics” booboo. The Rheibold pressure and her subsequent firing (whatever THEY want to call it) and the gvmnt keeping exculpatory evidence from Adm Norman’s trial are being downplayed by a media that was just handed $600 MILLION by trudy. Nobody who knows the FACTS thinks this was anything but a bribe to play by their rules and play down… Read more »

Andre Tremblay

The article was Spot On… but can I suggest that you change the picture at the beginning? The Doofus in the picture almost made me not want to read it. LOL What did you expect from the Corruption Party… err…… I mean the Liberal Party.


Blatant coverup. Will the RCMP sit this one out? Canadians need this to be fully investigated and exposed for what it is… a crime by the PMO.


This Global Research article shows the real significance of the SNC Lavalin scandal. It touches both BC Liberal politics as well as Canadian National politics of past Conservative and past and current Liberal politics, and the strings seem to be pulled by American politics.


How can Jody sit there and allow her leader to prevent her from speaking further is beyond me. No wonder the liberals in the committee are not going ahead with any further discussion.
Now, had Jody stood and made her point that she will speak fully with her lawyer at her side, the liberals would not dare shut down that committee but she is NOT talking so they are taking her silence as fait accompli.

Eric Blair

I await the RCMP to come in to start their investigation… how long has it been since Scheer wrote to the Trudeau appointed Comish asking for her to looking into this? Still nothing. It is not just the Clerk who looks out for he who appoints him but the Comish as well. Maybe even some of the judges as well. Stalin would blush at this.

David MacKAY

So the justice committee writes a letter claiming the Conservatives (and 85 % of Canadian voters) rushed to judgement about Lavalin and the inquiry should be shut down.
And after the letter is sent …the Clerk of the Privy Council resigns from the Privy Council


A massive cover-up to protect Justin Trudeau and themselves. Yet again, it’s not surprising since Justin has violated many ethic laws and still manages to continue doing as he pleases. Yet again, the liberals have to thank the media for covering up their asses through Adscam and now Lav scam.
It’s up to Jody Raybould to defend our justice system by telling her full story, she holds the cards to putting an end to this mess. Her first duty was to the crown not Justin Trudeau and we want her to speak.

james isnor

Very true. Canadians can judge for themselves, and most of us have. The Liberals are in a death spiral so expect them to pull out all stops. Todays budget will be an attempt to buy us off with our own money. Hopefully the PM is replaced in October and then the party in power can begin a real criminal invstigation

Elizabeth Thorne

Justine needs to call an election. I hate to use the word hate–M-103–but I HATE what this Liberal government has done to our beautiful country.

Ralph Knapp

This maneuver is the Liberals pressing the doomsday button for any chance at winning the election.

Why should anyone be surprised at this sly, crafty move by the Lieberals. After all the election is only a few months away and they don’t want any more information given to the public. This deliberately intended secrecy is all part and parcel of an outdated, wasteful, undemocratic POLITICAL PARTY SYSTEM! There is a crying need to abolish ALL political parties, to elect the PM, and elect INDEPENDENT candidates to Parliament and the legislatures, to abolish a useless , costly Senate and the Monarchy!