Disturbing Report Claims Trudeau Government Tried Pressuring Google To Censor Political Criticism

If true, it’s a disturbing move by the government.

*Update* – some have raised questions about the legitimacy of the Buffalo Chronicle, from which the initial claims in the report below originate. This article in Canadaland details some of those concerns, and is worth reading:

Link: https://www.canadalandshow.com/the-buffalo-chronicle-is-not-reliable/

Notably, while there are serious doubts about the Buffalo Chronicle, the idea that the Liberals are pressuring Google and Social media was in fact confirmed in the Hill Times in February:

“Gould says feds ‘putting pressure’ on social media giants to ‘act responsibly’ in lead-up to vote”

“Democratic Institutions Minister Karina Gould says the federal government is “putting pressure” on social media giants to “act responsibly””

So, while the Buffalo Chronicle report may be questionable, the idea that the Liberals are pressuring social media companies is clear for all to see, and we simply can’t trust this dishonest government to be ‘impartial’ about this when their own electoral interests are at stake.




Previous updates below:

A deeply disturbing report claims that the Trudeau government tried pressuring Google to censor criticism of the government, in what is clearly an anti-free speech, anti-freedom authoritarian move.

Here’s an excerpt of the report:

“In the days approaching former Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould‘s testimony to the House of Commons’ Justice Committee on February 27, at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau‘s behest, Karina Gould, the Minister of Democratic Institutions, reached out to social media giant Google to pressure the firm to curtail political criticism of the Trudeau government on its platform.

Gould placed a call to a senior government relations executive at Google, during which she complained about ‘hate speech’ and ‘toxic rhetoric’, referring multiple times to specific criticisms of the Trudeau government that she found objectionable. She then threatened sweeping regulations that would require unprecedented disclosures of advertising sponsors.”

If true, this is unacceptable, and it’s exactly as I predicted when the Trudeau Liberals announced efforts to fight ‘election interference.’

Instead of taking steps to stop foreign money from being used to campaign against Canada’s energy industry, the Trudeau Liberals (as noted in multiple previous news reports) are trying to silence dissent, and use government power to damage free speech.

That cannot be allowed. All Canadians must stand up for free expression, or else our democracy will be lost.

Spencer Fernando

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Gonzo the Magnificent

The question is: will we here this on the CBC?


Not enough people are wise enough to see what is happening under our noses. If this keeps up what is left of free speech will be totally gone. This is fast becoming a full blown dictatorship, we are almost there. Voters better make a point of not letting this happen.

Len Shier

Obviously Google was not on the list for a share of the $600,000,000 media pay-offs that Trudeau was handing out … or maybe like Jody, they weren’t to be bought …


I’ve heard that the Buffalo Chronicle is not a reliable NEWS SOURCE(SO MANY OUT THERE!)-that it’s more tabloid than anything….has anyone researched it?

Dan Parker

I had a fair look at it. They made a correction after a complaint about accuracy on Wernick, but it did not detract from the main jist of the story and was largely techical; i.e. he did not refuse to testify under oath, the stacked committee refused for him. From what I’ve seen, warts and all, it is far, far better than our mainstream media and so-called papers of record.


If you can’t get a story published in your own country, or are afraid to come out with the information because of repercussions (attacks to destroy career/reputation) then it makes sense to look outside your country to get information into your country. And if most major US media leans hard left (which works well with Canadian media) then all you have left are tabloids.


Justin Trudeau rode into power on his last name alone. He is the most pathetic excuse for a prime minister that this country has ever seen and we’re all going to pay the price for his egotism.


October won”t come fast enough. Trudeau must go. He is the cause of division and anger in this Country. He is a liar and a traitor to the Canadian people. He wants to talk about job loses in the SNC Lavilin scandal. What about GM, SEARS and so many other businesses that add up to the hundreds of thousands?

Brian Dougan

The Rebel Media nicknamed this group of fools the “Libranos”–borrowing from the TV mobster show “the Sopranos.” (1999-2007.) After reading this article; the nickname definitely fits.

Phil Alexander

I think I know why our fearless leader admires the left wing dictators so much after all. Next he’ll declare the War Measures Act (just like the old man did) and start rounding up his enemies. The only problem I foresee is getting the military to obey the peckerhead.

Ivan Hawkes

With the LIEberals being covered with tons of their own self created filthy dirty stinking laundry, of course they want to hide it from public view. They don’t want you to see my opinion or any others either. They want your window on life to be painted black so you see nothing of their foolish, irresponsible, irrational, reckless, destructive actions. Any and every step they can take to hide their stench they will certainly take, legal or not.

sandra c

“To curtail political criticism of the Trudeau government on its platform’. Ridiculous….If Trudeau can’t stand criticism, he shouldn’t be the Prime Minister of Canada. But praise to his ego on social media, is okay? Laughing….what a joke. And this is a man in the highest Office in Government? If Trudeau can dish out criticism, which he does freely, then he should be man enough to take it, also.