ALBERTA: Notley Calls Election For April 16

Polls show the United Conservatives leading.

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley has called an election for April 16th.

In her speech announcing the election date, Notley unleashed attacks on Jason Kenney.

However, while Notley and Kenney are even in personal popularity, all polls show the UCP with a strong lead.

Notley and the NDP have faced criticism for the moribund Alberta economy, and for placing their trust in Justin Trudeau – a massive mistake as Trudeau enacted an anti-energy industry agenda.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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alan skelhorne

is that true, the people really like her, thats what i am not hearing from friends n relatives who live in alberta.

Bernard A Hutchinson

Notley is about as popular as a rattle snake in a soldier’s sleeping bag!

shawn harris

Now that rachel Notely has called an election, it will be an extinction level vote for her and her party. She has worked hard to achieve this, lets sit back and enjoy watching her and her party be destroyed by the good voters of Alberta.

Len Shier

Time to take out the trash …


Go Alberta, get a government that will fight for your energy rights and help get rid of your debt. We need the whole of Canada put back together again clean up this mess and unify.


well hopefully they vote Notley out she is in Trudeau’s pocket and shes been the worse for your province get rid of her !!!

Norbert Kausen

Good!!! End of Notley!!! That is one mistake that will be rectified!

bob Fry

Rachel Notley and the statement she put all her trust in Trudeau, I agree to disagree , from the day she was in power her and her husband started dismantling the energy sector, she knew what she was doing and now she is going to pay for it. Karma can be real tough and bit you hard.