Rempel Says Trudeau Laughing & Smirking At Opposition, Rips “His Utter Contempt For All Of Us, For Our Democratic Institutions, For Everything Save His Own Ego”

Trudeau’s contempt for Canadians becomes more and more obvious the longer he is in power.

It has long been clear that Justin Trudeau has contempt for the Canadian People.

And now, the contempt is becoming obvious to the entire country, as he responds to his collapsing poll numbers with endless hypocrisy, lies, and throwing others under the bus.

In Question Period, it seems that Trudeau isn’t even hiding that contempt anymore, as noted by Michelle Rempel on Twitter:

“Right now I am watching Trudeau laugh & smirk at us. The image – his utter contempt for all of us, for our democratic institutions, for everything save his own ego – is burned into my mind, and fuels my resolve to fight for my community and my country. May it do the same for you.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Andrew Lynch

Nepotism at it’s worst
I also have contempt for Canadians; the ones who put this tyrant into power because of his hair and name
Funny stuff aside, this man is an enemy to liberty and Canadians on whole need to wake up

Eleanor Merkus

Michelle is right on. Nothing matters to this man except his own agenda. And look at all those fools behind him. Shame!

Ralph Knapp

It seems the “feminist” PM hasn’t noticed the strong women in his Cabinet are walking away while he claims all is well.

Don Taylor

Justin Turdeau is a disgusting narcissistic POS and he thinks ? he is better than Canadians


Justin’s “Fuddle Duddle” moment. Google “fuddle duddle.

Ron Shaw

Western separation ! Probably the only answer


The RCMP need to investigate this government and call Jody Wilson-Raybold into their office along with others.


Not going to happen! The only time the police react too is when investigating conservatives. Besides, the police is in the liberal back pocket.
Apparently ‘obstructing justice’ is common for the liberals to do.