Trudeau Federal Budget 2019 Continues Endless Deficits, High Tax Agenda

Guess it didn’t balance itself.

Justin Trudeau’s final budget before the election is nothing more than a continuation of all the others he’s brought forth:

High taxes, high debt, endless budget deficits.

Trudeau had promised Canadians that this was the year in which the budget would be balanced.

Turns out it was a total lie and total BS.

Instead, the deficit will be around $15 billion this year, and rising to about $20 billion next year, even with Canadians being gouged by the federal carbon tax.

And what do we have to show for it?

The economy is in horrible condition, we have billions more in debt, more Canadians are struggling than ever before (with almost half of Canadians only having $200 in emergency savings), and billions investment has fled the country.

Total failure.

And if Trudeau was hoping that this budget would distract from the SNC-Lavalin PMO Scandal he should think again, since his broken deficit promise will remind people of his broken promise of “the most open and transparent government” of all time.

Trudeau was handed a great economy by Stephen Harper. He wasted it.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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There is not even an effort to reduce the deficit or balance the budget. There’s only spending to buy votes.

Ron Shaw

Yup ! He was just not ready to lead Canada !
His father must have paid big time under the table for an idiots education , so the budget really didn’t balance itself , who knew !!


Two important words: VOTE CONSERVATIVE!

Gerri Page

If the fool didn’t give away our money outside of Canada and fill their pockets besides making murderers and terrorists lottery winners, we wouldn’t be in such a mess. Now Canadians have nothing because of the worst PM in the history of Canada.
He still hasn’t learned how to count. Butts may have quit but he still does all the writing for the kindergarten child.


We should be afraid, we should be very afraid. How is our country ever going to get out of debt? We have a millionaire presenting the budget. What does he know of struggling Canadian families. What does he know of struggling at all? We have a Prime Minister who inherited a fortune so what does he know about struggles? If a new Prime Minister is elected in October he/she will have a hell of a mess to clean up. How sad to think that a family has to worry about what tax will we be hit with next..


what do they know about ANYTHING ? that is why they follow counsel of anyone who wants to manipulate puppets

Ivan Hawkes

Spencer, your posts are invaluable and righteous, but the LIEberals threatened Facebook and everyone in computer world to shut you down, and they’ve complied. The LIEberals have killed free speech.


Don’t tell the feds about the $200.00 emergency fund most Canadians are supposed to have. The feds think that belongs to them.

shawn harris

Canadians shouldn’t have to suffer under another power mad Trudeau, just because people are more interested in being bribed with their own money than reading the economic and political history of the first Trudeau. Pierre Trudeau taught his son Justin well, that is, to spend everyone’s money, then borrow massively, until we are fed up with being over taxed and wanting to get rid of Trudeau. Because he has, like his father Pierre Trudeau destroyed our economy once again, leaving behind a trail of generational destruction, massive debts and deficits, with nothing to show for it. And why?. Just so… Read more »