VIDEO: Kenney Responds To Election Call

“It is time for change,” says Kenney.

Jason Kenney has responded to Rachel Notley’s Election call.

In a video posted on social media and in Tweets, Kenney unveiled his initial election messaging:

“This election is a choice between the NDP’s failed record of huge jobs losses, higher taxes & a $100 billion debt that risks our future.

Or positive change that will create jobs, scrap the carbon tax & stand up to Justin Trudeau.

It’s time for change that gets Alberta working.”

Kenney also shared a campaign video:

“It is time for change. Positive change that creates good jobs, brings common sense to government, and builds an Alberta that’s strong and free.”

Early polls shows the UCP with a strong lead.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Thank god for Jason . What he has achieved is quite remarkable.
Never could I have imagined our Alberta seized by the left in my lifetime .
I will be very happy for Albertans and Canada come April 16.
A concerned (pro pipeline)Quebecer .


Alberta will do to the ndp what Ontario did to the liberals. 2019 is the year to vote out & remove the ndp & liberal cancer.

Ron Shaw

Is it true ? Jason will implement a new provincial holiday , its to be the na- na – boo boo you were defeated, no thrashed provincial holiday proclaimed a day after the election !! Yahooooo
Here’s wishing Rachel a speedy retirement in BC
Out with the bad and hopefully in with anything better .


I encourage everyone to back UPC and Jason Kenney. If the Feds use dirty tricks to make him lose, it is time all Albertans went into Doug Christie’s “Western Block” mode. De-confederation, if it becomes necessary, will not only save Alberta but all of Canada. Without “the West”, Turdo can’t afford toilet paper, let alone trips to Florida on our taxes.