VIDEO: Scheer & Singh Spar With Trudeau In Contentious Question Period Ahead Of Federal Budget

Both the NDP and Conservatives are slamming the Liberals for the corrupt cover-up in the SNC-Lavalin PMO Scandal.

Ahead of the federal budget, Question Period was contentious.

The Trudeau Liberals are doubling down on their hilariously pathetic talking points, claiming that the Opposition “doesn’t want to talk about the economy,” even though the economy isn’t doing well at all and the Trudeau Liberal economic policy has failed miserably.

Earlier in the day, the Liberals shut down the Justice Committee investigation into the PMO Scandal, a deeply anti-democratic and authoritarian move.

And of course, it got brought up in Question Period.

You can watch the exchange below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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D Met

Notwithstanding the prime minister’s clear attempts at desperately trying to deviate away from the SNC Lavalin scandal, what’s also astonishing is the bobble-headed Liberals sitting behind him, nodding away in blind support. They are all complicit in this scandal.

Ralph Knapp

There’s no sound on this feed!


The bobble-heads behind the B1g Bobble are all obediently on-board. This scandal among all other numerous scandals will not pass popular opinion come October 19. Bring on the election.

don morris

What a waste of time.Trudeau does the same he always does, answers a different question than what was asked. I couldn’t watch the whole thing, this is theater of the absurd. Trudeau’s deficit is alleged to be 15 billion this year and 20 billion next year,with no hope of a balanced budget,ever.
I’d bet the farm the figures are way too low and the actual deficit will exceed projections by 50% each year.