WATCH: Opposition Chants “Let Her Speak” As Morneau Tries Spreading Budget BS

Budget delivered on same day Liberals shut down Justice Committee investigation.

As Bill Morneau tried spreading his BS budget talking points, the Opposition made sure to get their message across.

They chanted “Let her speak,” in reference to the Liberals stopping Jody Wilson-Raybould from speaking freely and testifying again.

It showed the rising anger in the country towards how the Trudeau Liberals have dealt with the scandal, as Trudeau and his minions have kept betraying their promise of “openness and accountability.”

You can watch the moment below:

“Fracas in the House of Commons: As Finance Minister Bill Morneau delivers the federal budget, members of the Opposition chant “Let her speak!” in reference to the SNC-Lavalin affair.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Great. May it continue.


Open and transparent alright, just like the untrustworthy wasteful budget using up and causing even more debt for us and our children to pay. If our countries economy is doing so well as they claim why are they raising taxes on taxes, why are so many Canadians having such financial trouble why are we running up more debt, LIEberals in good times? and let her speak her truth all of it. Then we can move on to the to the next questionable unethical trial of Vice Admiral Mark Norman, by then hopefully the RCMP will start getting answers. Our laws… Read more »

Moe S.

This is the millionaire who told Canadians there would be NO deficit in 2019. Now he confirms SIX MORE YEARS of deficits or beyond. A total of 10 years worth of deficits! If you are getting something out of this
budget congratulations! Many Canadians won’t receive a dime, for example, our Canadian Military Veterans.


So that should end the misguided who refer to Scheer as too mellow. Very proud of Conservatives for literally speaking up and standing up for Canadians!

peter black

Well done gang.


No matter what the oppositions do, Justin will not budge nor permit one of his women to speak especially if the subject is detrimental to him. So far, Justin has mastered his control over his mps to a single rhythm beat of his drum. The media tune is always the same ‘ Donald trump, Andrew scheer, conservatives every day. What bothers me Spencer, is that the public want Jody to speak the whole truth which she owes us that respect. If she doesn’t, eventually no one will believe her when she does speak which Justin is hoping for. The longer… Read more »


Canadians Cannot let Trudeau and his Liberal Minions get away with Interfering in a Criminal Prosecution in our Justice System. Canadians’ anger will NEVER go away until we hear the WHOLE Truth! Jody Wilson-Rabault must speak and be given the opportunity to rebutt Werner and Butts. There are also others implicated in this Scandal, like Morneau, Telford and others who should appear and tell their stories. I don’t expect these individuals will tell the truth, as 98% of Liberals are Liars! But Canadians do want to hear what they have to say.