COVER-UP: In Stunning Interview On PMO Scandal, Jane Philpott Says There’s Been An Attempt To “Shut Down The Story”

“There’s much more to the story that should be told,” says Philpott.

In a stunning interview with Paul Wells of Macleans, Jane Philpott says that “there’s much more to the story that should be told,” and that both she and Jody Wilson-Raybould have more that they want to share.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Q: Have all of the things that concerned you about the handling of that file come to light at the committee?

A: No. There’s much more to the story that should be told.

Q: What sort of stuff?

A: I believe the former attorney general has further points to make. I believe that I have further issues of concern that I’m not free to share. There was a reference by Gerry Butts in his testimony of the fact that I spoke to the Prime Minister on January the 6th about SNC-Lavalin’s desire to have a DPA [deferred prosecution agreement]. This was more than a month before the story became public. And I ordinarily would have not been allowed to share that information. But of course it’s already on the public record from the Justice Committee. I think Canadians might want to know why I would have raised that with the Prime Minister a month before the public knew about it. Why would I have felt that there was a reason why former Minister Wilson-Raybould should not be shuffled?”

Trudeau and his cronies have tried saying that the issue is done, yet it clearly isn’t.

Jane Philpott is 100% correct on the fact that there is more to say, and that Canadians deserve the whole truth.

Philpott’s interview is more evidence that a cover-up is taking place, as even Liberal MPs (the ones with integrity), can see that Trudeau is trying to shut down the story.

You can read the full Macleans interview here.

Spencer Fernando

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