SUNNY WAYS: MP Says Angry Trudeau Cronies Are Calling Jane Philpott “Pathetic” And Accusing Her Of “Betrayal” In House Of Commons

Positive politics.

In another example of the “positive politics” and “Sunny Ways” of the Trudeau Liberals, it turns out that their response to Jane Philpott’s principled interview on the PMO Scandal has been to insult her.

Here’s what NDP MP Alistair MacGregor said he heard:

“I had the chance to listen to Liberal benches across aisle in the @OurCommons as the @janephilpott story broke in @macleans. Really sad to see them use words like “pathetic” and “betrayal” to describe her. It’s like the Liberals have total blinders on to principled actions.”

This is unfortunate, but it’s no real surprise.

After all, Justin Trudeau’s “Sunny Ways” has always been a cover for brutal and ruthless cynicism, making up lies, corruption, and slandering opponents.

Now, Canadians are seeing what sits behind the mask of Trudeau’s deception, and what it reveals about him and his cronies is disgusting.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Glenda Cruikshank - Kirk

Trudeau and his cronies have just proven how abusive and immature they really are!! Corrupt idiots!!!!

Don Taylor

It is about time that this man child Trudeau for the fraud that he really is and the leeches that support him are afraid of losing their seats in the next election so they blindly follow this Narcissistic Dimwit


This behaviour is reminiscent of how Hell’s Angels behave when someone tries to leave the chapter. Two Liberal camps emerging. One where ethics matter and the other is to deeply entrench displaying more of the same behaviour that got them in hot water in the first pace.

Shawn Brake

Lol I would trust the angels more than the liberals at least with them you know where you stand , there is no hidden agenda they straight up tell you lol

Bruno gretler

If anybody betrayed anyone then it’s the Liberals who betrayed the Canadian Tax Payers and continue to do so common Citizens let’s stand up and be counted this coming October or else we be living in Mudhousean eat out of Garbagecans

Shawn Brake

Why in godsgod’s name doesn’t she charge them I would, may get the ball rolling to