UH OH: Just 12% Of Canadians Say The Budget Was “Good”

So much for changing the channel on the PMO Scandal.

The Trudeau Liberals were counting on the budget to stop the PMO Scandal.

It didn’t work.

Jane Philpott’s Macleans interview as shown that Trudeau and his cronies are fully engaging in a cover-up.

And even the budget has totally fallen flat.

According to a new Leger poll, a mere 12% of Canadians say the budget was ‘good.’

19% say it was ‘bad.’

39% say they don’t really know about the budget.

Those are horrible numbers, and it shows that the Liberals attempt to change the channel and distract from the Scandal has failed miserably.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Ron Shaw

The budget is to late , the damage has been done by two elitist millionaires who have no idea how finances work as they have been baby cradled all their lives and now are hiding their trust funds off shore and in other provinces deep in intertwined tax deals as to not pay their fair share of taxs all the while calling Canadians tax cheers . If these two financial clowns had even half a brain between them Canada might be only half as indebted as we are . I feel sorry for my kids and grandkids that these elitist… Read more »


Don’t worry. There is still plenty of time before the election for trudeau to promise more free things that he will do over the next 4 years, in future budgets if re-elected. He will not go down easy.