WATCH: Flustered Trudeau Hates Being Exposed As A Fake Feminist

It clearly got under his skin.

Recently in Question Period, Justin Trudeau was repeatedly slammed for being a ‘Fake Feminist.’

Conservative MPs Michelle Rempel and Candice Bergen repeatedly pointed out how terribly Trudeau is treating women within his party and government, contrasting that with his endless deceptive claims of being a ‘feminist.’

Trudeau was clearly flustered by the line of questioning. He was answering all the SNC-Lavalin questions in French for some reason, but mistakenly started answering in English before catching himself, showing that the questions had him off balance.

Liars like Trudeau don’t like having their lies exposed.

You can watch the moment below:

“WATCH: PM @JustinTrudeau, who has answered all SNC-Lavalin questions in French so far today in Question Period, drew howls of laughter from the opposition after accidentally letting some English slip out before correcting himself. #cdnpoli”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Gerry Oliphant

When asked a question in English the polite thing to do is respond in the same language

shawn harris

Trudeau just can’t stop lying, either in english or french. His english lies are too easily defeated and are shown to be just that lies and his french lies are used in the hope of a mistranslation to cover up his lies in french. Trudeau certainly isn’t a real feminist, but is most certainly a narcissistic sociopath with misogynistic tendencies, especially around women. Most women can see through Trudeau’s fake feminism, especially women such as JWR, Jane Philpott, Leona Alleslev, Celina Caesar-Chavannes, and hopefully more women, not just in the Liberal party but all across Canada.


Notice he almost stood up but sat back down to get further instructions in his earpiece. Is he still having trouble thinking for himself?

David Henley

tired of Feminist taking front role in debate. Stick to the issues. Stop pushing the feminist movement and act on behalf of all Canadians.

Don Taylor

Turdeau this POS cant even stand up to real women,he gets all flustered and upset when they call him a FAKE,he is fast becoming the most hated PM in Canadian history

Dave Allsopp

The only thing that is real about this slimeball, Trudeau, is that he really uses ‘virtue signalling’ in place of ethics or morals. Disgusting!