ALBERTA ELECTION POLL: UCP Has Massive Lead Over NDP As Campaign Begins

A clear majority of Albertans are dissatisfied with the NDP government.

A new Angus Reid survey shows the United Conservative Party of Alberta with a huge lead over the NDP.

Here are the key numbers:

UCP – 56%

NDP – 31%

Alberta Party – 5%

Freedom Conservative Party – 3%

Liberal Party – 2%

Green Party – 2%

There are other numbers that are bad for the NDP.

60% say they are dissatisfied with the NDP government.

And while the NDP gets positive marks on healthcare and education, with 54% and 52% say they’ve done a good job on those issues respectively, 66% and 64% say they’ve done a bad job on managing the economy and managing natural resources.

That’s bad news for the NDP, because as Angus Reid notes, the NDP gets the worst marks on the issues Albertans care about the most:

“Notley’s government is seen to be doing worst on the issues Albertans rank as most important to them. Half (49%) rank energy, oil and gas, and pipelines as a top issue facing the province, and another four-in-ten (41%) choose “the economy.” By contrast, health care is a top issue for fewer than one-in-four Albertans (24%)”

While campaigns are important, and the election is far from over, this poll is in line with what polls have been showing since the UCP was formed: Albertans are looking for an alternative to the NDP, and the UCP is well positioned to achieve a decisive victory.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter