PATHETIC: Over A Month Later, Trudeau Cronies Try New ‘Supreme Court Pick’ Deflection Over PMO Scandal

Do they really think we’re that dumb?

According to ‘sources,’ the relationship between Justin Trudeau and Jody Wilson-Raybould started to ‘fray’ because she wanted to pick a Manitoba judge appointed by the Conservatives as the new Supreme Court Justice.

Here’s what a CTV report says:

“A year before cabinet discussions about plea deal for Quebec engineering company SNC-Lavalin, Trudeau and Wilson-Raybould disagreed about her recommendation of Manitoba Justice Glenn D. Joyal, sources familiar with the matter tell CTV News. Trudeau was concerned that Joyal wasn’t committed to protecting rights that have flown out of interpretation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, particularly LGBTQ2 rights and even abortion access, neither of which are specifically enshrined in the Charter.”

Of course, this is total BS.

If this was such a big problem, why is Trudeau still claiming that Wilson-Raybould was only moved because Scott Brison resigned?

And why wasn’t this brought up a month ago?

Why just now?

Why haven’t Trudeau’s cronies even once mentioned anything along these lines at any point throughout the whole scandal?

And if this was the reason, why did Jane Philpott resign?

This is just the latest totally pathetic attempt by the Trudeau PMO to through out some other desperate excuse to try and make the scandal go away.

Of course, it won’t go away.

Trudeau is engaged in a total cover-up, and he and the Liberals are desperate to hide the truth.

Their latest leaking of info from ‘sources’ only makes them look more and more guilty.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Don Piche



His attempts to deflect from the real issues are pathetic. Just another Telford phone op-ed.


Is this the best money could buy story that the CBC could come up with???

Don Taylor

The more Turdeau tries to take peoples eyes off of the SNC scandal ,the more guilty he looks,he is just PROVING how ignorant he really is,the Immature little boy in him is really starting to show that he has never grown up.


What astounds me, is that not one indigenous liberal mp or for that matter indigenous across Canada, have not come forward to defend her. Furthermore, why hasn’t her lawyer come forward to save her reputation before this gets out of hand?


JWR can make her own decisions and he will stand behind them, BUT she preferred a Judge that wasn’t necessarily going to follow his preferences about some sort of mythical interpretation of the Charter or check the box on abortion if you wanted your own money. He claims he wanted strong women because he claimed to be a feminist but when actually confronted by one, threw a hissy fit.

What can we expect next, stomp his tiny feet and make fists and threaten to hold his breath until he gets his way? Too old to start maturing and growing up.

S Willis

How about this? Trudeau’s relationship frayed with JWR due to her not liking his necktie choices! Yeah… that is how much credence I give to his farce of a story about judge choices. Trudeau is B-E-Y-O-N-D P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C with this new narrative and all “narrative choices” that came before. Canadians KNOW that Trudeau LEANED on JWR to give HIS Liberal supporters and elitist friends at SNC-Lavalin a free pass! Trudeau is DUMB beyond belief to ASSUME that Canadians cannot see through his endless LIES!!

S Willis

“THE FIXER” aka Katie Telford is not doing very well trying to put out Trudeau’s raging dumpster fire with her squirt gun.