COVER-UP: Liberal Government Plans To Hide & REDACT Evidence Submitted By Jody Wilson-Raybould

Endless corruption from the Trudeau Liberals.

With Jody Wilson-Raybould planning to submit emails and text messages that will provide further evidence of potential political interference by the Trudeau PMO, the Liberal government is now indicating that they plan to redact that evidence, blocking the public from seeing it.

The Conservatives have responded, issuing a letter calling for the evidence to be made public:

“The #JUST Committee Chair @AHousefather has indicated that he will redact evidence submitted by JWR. See my letter to him calling for ALL of the evidence to be made public #LavScam #cdnpoli”


Michael Cooper Letter

Canada has not seen corruption like this at the highest levels in a very long time. All Patriotic Canadians are appalled and disgusted by the Trudeau government.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Sunny ways, my friends, sunny ways. This is a prime example of Canada’s conversion to “the first post-national state” is like. I don’t think, or I am hoping, the average voter is not quite ready for it. JT could have gotten away with it if he had done it slower and smarter.

Ron Shaw

Is it just me or does Housefeather look like Howdy Duddy caught with his hand stuck in the proverbial cookie jar ?

Ripper Oakley

Don’t these idiots realize how stupid they look playing these games. This is getting absolutely ridiculous. Mr. Dress Up is way out of his league.

Gonzo the Magnificent

The problem is a growing minority are not patriotic. Do you think the vast majority of recent immigrants (last 10-20 years) care a less? This problem exists even in my own family – we’ve been here since 1752 – and especially in my extended family who immigrated here in 1978.

Shawn Brake

To late you bunch of liars the truth is out and the rest is coming ..Jody proved that all of you are corrupt liars and traitors from turdeau fo the last deserve nothing short of life in jail