SICKENING SMEAR: Trudeau Liberals Hit New Low, As They And Their Servile Establishment Media Lapdogs Try Falsely Smearing Judge Who Withdrew Because His Wife Has Cancer

I’m running out of words to describe how awful this government is.

It doesn’t seem possible, but the Trudeau Liberals have hit a new low.

In their attempt to try and demonize Jody Wilson-Raybould, they released ‘info’ from ‘sources,’ claiming that she wanted to appoint highly respected Manitoba Justice Glenn D. Joyal to the Supreme Court, and that Trudeau opposed it because he was too ‘conservative.’ They Liberals tried smearing the judge as being anti-gay, and opposed to protecting the rights of Canadians.

They then tried to say that Trudeau rejected the appointment of Joyal and that the disagreement between Trudeau and Wilson-Raybould is when their relationship started to ‘fray.’

This was part of an attempt to give a new excuse for why she was moved, and get Trudeau out of the scandal enveloping him and his garbage cronies.

Nevermind the fact that Wilson-Raybould stayed in the position for a year after the alleged ‘fraying’ took place, or that this hasn’t been brought up until now, or that nobody believes it.

And it turns out it was based on a total falsehood.

The judge wasn’t rejected by Trudeau, he withdrew from consideration.

And why did he withdraw?

Because his wife has metastatic breast cancer.

Can it get any worse than this?

Making up lies about a judge dealing with his wife’s cancer in an attempt to smear Jody Wilson-Raybould with the Liberal base is absolutely pathetic and disgusting.

And much of the establishment media ran with the story, without putting it into the proper context: A desperate attempt to change the channel from the escalating scandal.

Instead of reporting on it critically, much the establishment media – just like the Trudeau PMO once claimed – was there to push the Trudeau narrative without any analysis or without explaining why it was absolute garbage.

The Liberals have now gone fully into the gutter, and they become more sickening and disgusting by the day.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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peter black

We are getting real close to genuine Environmental COMMUNISM when the media heavily side with the “PARTY” Media has been paid off. Now restrict Social media is next big step. Its happening before our eyes. We need lawyers working on treasonous acts taking place every day. The “PARTY” is ready to implode. Watch for the “retirements”, “Due to health” “family issues”. The McGuinty/Wynne CRASH is coming.


You are so right Spencer, we understand the running out of words, but you are still saying the truth best. Thank you.


Anti-Canadian, terrorist enriching trudeau has again proven his lack of ethics & accountability are comparable to a bottomless septic tank. Shared.


Outrageously deceitful, but so typically Trudeau.

shawn harris

Just to review , Trudeau , at the start of the JWR firing as Attorney General/Justice Minister, it was all the fault of Scot Brison retiring, to justify Trudeau’s lie that JWR wasn’t fired but demoted and wasn’t pressured, to interfere in the SNC Lavalin criminal case. So why wasn’t this latest excuse/lie mentioned, at the start and promoted as much as the first lie, Scot Brison’s retirement?. Also since Trudeau is now using the same female MPs, he claims to believe, honour and protect, to attack JWR and Jane Philpott, by saying they should have resigned at the start… Read more »

Don Taylor

There never is a to low for the low life Justin Turdeau


libtardism is a mental disorder of the highest calibur.