WATCH LIVE: Ethics Committee Meeting As Opposition Demands Real Investigation Of Trudeau PMO Scandal

The Opposition is demanding that the Trudeau government ends the cover-up.

The House of Commons Ethics Committee is meeting live, with the Opposition demanding that the Trudeau Liberals end the cover-up of the SNC-Lavalin PMO Scandal.

Here’s what Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer said the opposition is looking for:

“Will Justin Trudeau’s Liberals continue his corruption scandal cover-up? The Ethics Committee is meeting right now to try to get answers.

Conservative and NDP members are asking the committee to:

a. Immediately begin a study of the ongoing corruption scandal involving the Prime Minister,
b. Instruct the Chair to write to the Prime Minister requesting that he waive all constraints that may prevent individuals invited to appear before the Committee from speaking freely,
c. Invite Ms. Jody Wilson-Raybould to appear as a witness in this study no later than April 5,
d. Invite Ms. Jane Philpott to appear as a witness in this study no later than April 5, and
e. That upon conclusion of this study, a report of the findings of this committee be tabled in Parliament.

If the Trudeau Liberals believe in openness, they will allow the investigation to proceed.”

You can watch the live proceedings below:

Spencer Fernando

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Ralph Knapp

What a disgusting farce! Truth , openness and actual fact are of no interest to the Liberal members of this committee.

Ronald Wilson

Disgusting Liberal coverup!


This is a job for the RCMP.

bob Fry

First off I personally want to Thank Spencer for posting this House committee meeting, As a Canadian it is frustrating that the oppsotion and Canadians are being stonewalled at every turn for the Truth. Regardless of Parties what concerns a lot of Canadians is the threat to the Law, if we allow a political figure to side step the legal process of our courts system, then Canada becomes no different than a Cuba or China. We then become a Dictorship to a standing Prime Minister of the day, that is so wrong. There is serious issues that is making Justin… Read more »