LET THEM EAT CAKE: Arrogant Elitist Trudeau Tells Grassy Narrows Mercury Poisoning Protesters “Thanks For Your Donation”

Yet again we see the real Trudeau: An arrogant elitist who doesn’t care at all about the Canadian People.

During an elitist fundraiser at a high-end venue, Justin Trudeau was briefly confronted by a group of protesters.

The protesters wanted to bring attention to the mercury poisining crisis at Grassy Narrows, and were angry about how they felt Trudeau had promised action but failed to deliver.

They unfurled a sign, and were then quickly ushered away.

But it’s Trudeau’s response to them that’s getting the most attention:

“Thanks for your donation.”

As someone on YouTube said, that’s the equivalent of saying “let them eat cake.”

That’s what he said.

And you can see it in the video below:

That sums up Justin Trudeau perfectly.

He made big promises, talked about reconciliation, then failed to deliver.

And when confronted about his failure, he dismissed it and revealed once again his arrogant elitism.

“Satire on top of satire: At the $1,500-a-ticket Liberal fundraiser at a luxury Toronto hotel last night, Trudeau was LITERALLY talking to the Laurentian Elite, who applauded & cheered as Indigenous protesters were hauled away for protesting mercury poisoning at Grassy Narrows.”

Trudeau doesn’t have time for Canadians who are struggling. He’s too busy doing the bidding of his fellow elites, trying to get corrupt companies out of facing accountability, and launching smear campaigns against honourable Canadian Citizens.

It’s long past time for Trudeau to go. All Canadians deserve better.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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What an Arrogant Bastard! Trudeau must have been told to Apologize by Someone, probably Butts, because he not only is he not smart enough to realize what he did, and doesn’t really care that these poor Indigenous Grassy Narrows Citizens are being Poisoned. Trudeau is the most Arrogant, Condescending, Useless Piece of Skin that Canada has ever had for a PM. Watching the Ridiculing of these Indigenous Protesters who were being Respectful and had every right to ask Crucial, Very Important Questions that affect their Health and the Health of their Families was Absolutely Disgusting to Watch. This is the… Read more »