Trudeau Economy: Fiat Chrysler To Cut 1,500 Jobs In Windsor

With the impending carbon tax and declining business confidence due to failed federal policies, Canada’s economy is suffering.

Days before the federal carbon tax takes effect, Fiat Chrysler has announced that they are cutting the third shift at the Windsor plant.

That will result in the loss of 1,500 jobs.

In a statement, the company said “better align production with global demand.” 

Of course, companies almost never blame government policy to avoid causing political complications, but it can’t be denied that the carbon tax is devastating for the economic prospects of Canada and is pushing investment away.

A union president representing the workers said the announcement was a shock:

“I was shocked and disappointed that FCA has announced today the elimination of the third shift. We will continue to meet with the company on alternatives of new products. We will need the support of all levels of government as we move forward.”

While the energy industry and auto sector continues to be devastated by the failed economic policies of the Trudeau Liberals, Trudeau and his elitist cronies are pulling out all the stops for the executives at SNC-Lavalin, showing that in the mind of Trudeau, some parts of Canada clearly matter more than others.

Unfortunately, we can expect the economy to keep getting worse and worse.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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