WATCH: Conservatives Slam Trudeau As ‘Fake Feminist’ In New Video

They also call Trudeau a ‘fake environmentalist, fake diplomat, and fake advocate for the middle class.’

In a new video, the Conservatives are slamming Justin Trudeau as a ‘fake feminist.’

The video features Candice Bergen, who has taken a lead role in pointing out Trudeau’s immense hypocrisy.

Bergen notes that not only is Justin Trudeau a fake feminist, he’s also a fake environmentalist, a fake diplomat, and a fake advocate for the middle class.

Watch the video below:

“Justin Trudeau is a fake feminist. Just like he’s a fake environmentalist, fake diplomat, and fake advocate for the middle class.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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He can’t hide behind the name and do whatever he pleases forever.


Good video with Candice Bergen. Too bad the Conservatives have shot themselves in the foot by planning how the would shut down pro-life advocates before they had a chance to speak at their Halifax convention. Sinister! Too bad Michelle Rempel has stated that, “we will continue to bring high levels of immigrants and encourage them to move into the rural areas of the country.” Even after polls show that Canadians want less immigration, the Conservatives have no intention of paying heed to what the voters want. Too bad! When they’re ready to get serious about having a conversation about immigration,… Read more »

David Henley

How do . you win an election based on slamming Trudeau as a fake feminist. The idea of winning an election is to be part of a great country. Conservatives seem to think that being a feminist is a sure thing…wrong. People are looking for a leader to bring this country together, not another special interest group taking charge to promote their interest. enough already. Polls that do not include all parties looking to win the up coming election show just how liberal these polls are. Peoples party of Canada is a registered party and has a lot of support.… Read more »


NOT my pm. Ever.