BREAKING: Listen To The Devastating Audio Recording Jody Wilson-Raybould Made Of Michael Wernick Discussing Justin Trudeau’s Push For SNC-Lavalin DPA

Audio is part of documents submitted by Jody Wilson-Raybould to the Justice Committee.

You can listen to the audio below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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This type of genuineness by JWR is absolutely unprecedented and laudable…THIS is what we have been missing on the political stage ; THIS is what Canadians need, want and are seeking …

Don Taylor

Wernick is just as ignorant {stupid} as Justin Trudeau,it is no wonder that wernick resigned, he is afraid of going to prison,he not of the woods yet !

don morris

There is nothing to charge Wernick with, he broke no laws, merely conveyed the PM’s feeling to JWR. It WAS unethical for him to keep yattering at JWR, but he broke no laws. The Liberals were very careful to ensure that no one was under oath when they testified before the House committee, so they can’t even be charged with perjury.

don morris

JWR should have recorded every conversation on this issue once it became apparent the PM was at odds with her. I hope she did. Wernick in this conversation, could not be said to be pressuring her, only telling her the PM’s wishes.
Yes, you could take it as a veiled warning, but this is a far cry from what I expect she was told by Butts in a private conversation.

Stu Peters

Wernick told JWR that Trudeau ‘was in a very firm mood’, presumably to impress upon JWR that she should agree with the unlawful request of Trudeau and give up her Prosecutorial Independence. That is pressure, plain and simple. Fortunately JWR followed her conscience.

Les Magnuson

she probably did, drip, drip

Bill Baerg

Just the call in and of itself is unwarranted pressure. Even a note or a suggestion is PRESSURE!


when she told him the call was inappropriate, Very Clearly, he should have immediately backed off but he continued to pressure her, maybe because his boss was in a mood and Wernick needed to go back to him with the correct answer or….face the wrath?

Christopher Kastner

can’t hear it


I think she will have more to release!!! Good job, Jody.

Messianic Jew

Wernick is clearly and incontrovertably telling this Fantastic, Honourable, Upstanding human being that Trudeau WILL get his own way, whether she intends to be complicit or not. She has so clearly stated that what she is being “told” to do is ILLEGAL”. She refused, so this group of Fascist cowards with Trudeau at the helm as the chief dictator fired her.


When you tear out a person’s tongue, you don’t prove them to be liars, you only tell the world you fear what they might say


JWR’s integrity, knowledge of the facts & law, & her personal stamina against these political backroom bullies is phenomenal!! Have we ever experienced such an outstanding Canadian politician? She has put Trudeau under the bus but only because he wants to walk head-long into that conniving bus. Bravo Jody!!

Ron Shaw

Wernick , Justin. And Butts should be charged with treason, don’t let these liberal elitist fradsters resign , they need to learn what the words lawful , Canadian justice system , integrity and what the letter of the law means . Investigate , then have those who are unlawful , and ignorant of Canadian law and those who abused our system to further their political careers put in jail . Canadians deserve better than third world politics ! Shame on the Liberals , this stain on their integrity will outlast my lifetime and there’s I hope . Canadians need accountability… Read more »


I have a lot of respect for Jody as well as Jane Philpot. They are both brave and principled women. The fact they are doing this to the ‘feminist’ PM is just icing on the cake.

sandra c

He says, “the PM is quite “determined” and “firm”. He’s in that kind of mood and I want you to be aware of that”…..”He’s thinking of getting ‘someone else’ to give him advise……or to give you advise”………….Well, that says it all, right there. He’s basically saying, Trudeau wants her to do as he wants her to do but Trudeau is not confronting Jody himself and is having other’s confront her on his behalf. He’s dismissed her, in Trudeau’s mind, in her position and her authority in her job. Why? Because she is upholding her position and doing what is legal… Read more »


10:32 She brings up prosecutorial independence and says that this situation is not dissimilar to Norman’s. So is she saying there was political interference in the Norman case? What the double hockey sticks is going in with our judicial system and Justin’s inability to keep his nose out of it, whether its predicting outcomes as with the Khadr case ( this saved us 30 mill….apparently), expressing dissatisfaction with a jury decision, attempting to influence outcomes as in SNC and perhaps actually interfering in the Norman case? Will we ever get to know what is really going on, are the blackout… Read more »