Message To Liberal MPs: If You Want To Kick Someone Out, Don’t Get Rid Of Wilson-Raybould & Philpott. Boot Out Trudeau Instead

The audio released by Wilson-Raybould confirms that Trudeau was lying, while she was telling the truth.

There are reports that a growing number of Trudeau stooge Liberal MPs are pushing to boot Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott from the Liberal Caucus.

Yet, anyone still considering that in the wake of the release of Jody Wilson-Raybould’s recordings should get their head examined.

The recording 100% vindicates everything Jody Wilson-Raybould said in her testimony, and vindicates Jane Philpott’s decision to resign on principle.

Meanwhile, Justin Trudeau has been exposed once again as a total liar.

He first said the whole story was false, then said that there was no pressure, then said there was no ‘inappropriate pressure,’ then said Jody Wilson-Raybould should have brought her concerns to him, and said he ‘disagreed’ with her testimony.

Yet, we now have evidence on tape that she was being honest, and Trudeau was lying.

So, the message for Liberal MPs is clear: If you’re thinking of booting someone out, boot out Trudeau. That would send the right message. Meanwhile, booting Jody Wilson-Raybould and Philpott would mean doubling down on corruption and dishonesty, and would disgrace every Trudeau loyalist MP in the eyes of Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

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I hope we still have a country that isn’t entirely handed over to the U.N. by the time Trudeau is turfed from office.

Eleanor Merkus

We all knew that old b**stard was lying. A born Lieberal Thorough and thorough… now what? Surely the lieberals won’t try and refute that, would they?


For God’s sake don’t get Trudeau kicked out. If they put someone more ethical in but with the same environmental nonsense you will hurt the Conservatives. I want him as PM into the election, he is our best chance of winning.

Christopher Kastner

As I was saying, there are periods in time when things are somewhat balanced and good, then there are times when insane people will do anything to achieve power to the point of extinction of opposition forces which are pretty much the rest of the world wishing this BS drama can end soon.

Ron Shaw

Jody cross the floor Canada is behind you , you can make history and who knows where honesty will get a smart girl these days ?


That whole party needs to be scraped not just Trudeau as they all supported his lies and corruption, and the two strong women that have questionably stood up to Trudeau still support him and that whole Lieberal scam party, as they did not quit the LIEberals, as they all must know about the other scams and this foreign support and Lieberal lies, lies that were told in their bought out media etc… to even be elected in the first place. Just like the Democrats (lieberals in the USA) with their owned one world media and Mueller and their fake 2… Read more »

Shawn Harris

Great idea Spencer. But, as we all know, Trudeau could see everyone of his caucus demand his resignation as leader of the Liberal Party and as Pm, he would refuse and blame their motivation as a Stephen Harper Conservative conspiracy. Trudeau has never possed firmly rooted morals and values as those found in the Bible,but instead staunchly relays upon lies, deceit, arrogance and moral relativism, to guide himself. Even with all the ironclad evidence against him; in front of a judge and jury , he would never admit his guilt or accept responsibility for his actions and crimes. Trudeau is… Read more »



Let them carry on as they are. Don’t give them any advice.

“Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake”
– Napoleon Bonaparte


Unbelievable the Liberal caucus is meeting to kick these two honourable members out, just the opposite they should be standing and applauding them for standing up for the good principal they have and staying within the rule of law and not bending to join a corrupt avenue that a lot of the MP’s have gone down! Both are what we expect of, or at least we hope for, in those we vote in to our countries parliament! Wise up all you political memebers this could be the change to clean the corrupt Goverement, show we the people you want a… Read more »

Gordon E Surbey

Trudeau and his elite globalist entourage definitely are the problem. Unfortunately, in most ‘Dictatorship Regimes’ like the one Canada currently is under, their approach is: “WE DON’T SOLVE THE PROBLEM — WE SOLVE THE PEOPLE THAT CAME UP WITH THE PROBLEM”.


For long time some thought that Justin was in some ways a fake, two faced, like his Dad! Now the world knows that Justin is so much like his Dad, a fake , two faced..

But sadly the Tories under Scheer, as under Ambrose, as under Harper in some ways seem to be too much about pointing fingers and not bring out real reforms and exposing their own party skeletons, at times connected to Lavalin as well.

Teresa Buonafede

No! We need his party to lose, big time, with him at the helm!


Where are the RCMP or should I say LCMP??? We are being destroyed by a tin-pot dictator. Does the rule of law apply in Canada anymore or are we just experiencing it differently? Canada is quickly losing credibility on the world stage which will add to the investment capital already fleeing this once great country. What is it with Canadian’s and their fascination with the Trudeau family? Why can they not see them for what they are?

don morris

NO! A thousand time NO! Why in hell do SO many Conservatives think booting Trudeau out of Office is the best thing that could occur?! This scandal is Trudeau’s scandal, no one else’s name is on it. If we go to the election WITH Trudeau, during the entire campaign he will have to answer for it, every day, every debate, every news conference. Trudeau will keep the scandal alive in the voters’ memory, every day he will provide us with more ammunition to use against him. Now, try THIS scenario if Trudeau resigns: squeaky-clean Canadian astronaut hero Marc Garneau takes… Read more »

Ken (Kulak)

“Boot out Trudeau instead”
I second that motion.