DIVISIVE: Trudeau Liberal MP Escalates Unhinged Rhetoric, Calls Jody Wilson-Raybould Recording “Treasonous”

Are the Trudeau Liberals trying to spark aggression and conflict?

Trudeau’s remaining loyalist cronies are becoming disturbingly unhinged in their comments regarding Jody Wilson-Raybould.

In a deeply disturbing comment, the Canadian Press reported that Liberal MP Alexandra Mendes said “called the secret recording “unethical” and “treasonous, really.”‘

Wait a minute here…

Wilson-Raybould was seeking to follow the law while dealing with people who wanted her to bend the rules for a corrupt company?

And Mendes thinks that’s treasonous?

Amazing that the Trudeau Cronies don’t call ISIS fighters treasonous, they don’t call efforts to weaken our national security by letting Communist China buy sensitive companies treasonous, and they don’t call weakening our military treasonous, but a colleague who follows the law is somehow ‘treasonous’?

That is incredibly disturbing.

Those kind of thought patterns coming from Trudeau and his cronies shows how desperate and unhinged the Trudeau PMO has become, and it shows there aren’t any lengths they won’t go to in their effort to silence the scandal.

By making an effort to follow the law somehow equate to ‘treason’ risks spreading more aggression and anger in Canada, and makes us all wonder if the Liberals are purposely trying to spark division and chaos to distract from their crumbling government.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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