DIVISIVE: Trudeau Liberal MP Escalates Unhinged Rhetoric, Calls Jody Wilson-Raybould Recording “Treasonous”

Are the Trudeau Liberals trying to spark aggression and conflict?

Trudeau’s remaining loyalist cronies are becoming disturbingly unhinged in their comments regarding Jody Wilson-Raybould.

In a deeply disturbing comment, the Canadian Press reported that Liberal MP Alexandra Mendes said “called the secret recording “unethical” and “treasonous, really.”‘

Wait a minute here…

Wilson-Raybould was seeking to follow the law while dealing with people who wanted her to bend the rules for a corrupt company?

And Mendes thinks that’s treasonous?

Amazing that the Trudeau Cronies don’t call ISIS fighters treasonous, they don’t call efforts to weaken our national security by letting Communist China buy sensitive companies treasonous, and they don’t call weakening our military treasonous, but a colleague who follows the law is somehow ‘treasonous’?

That is incredibly disturbing.

Those kind of thought patterns coming from Trudeau and his cronies shows how desperate and unhinged the Trudeau PMO has become, and it shows there aren’t any lengths they won’t go to in their effort to silence the scandal.

By making an effort to follow the law somehow equate to ‘treason’ risks spreading more aggression and anger in Canada, and makes us all wonder if the Liberals are purposely trying to spark division and chaos to distract from their crumbling government.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Don Taylor

The treason starts with Turdeau and followed by a few other treasonous Liberals,they know who they are!

Norbert Kausen

Trudeau is TREASONOUS!!!! To follow the rule of law is NOT treason, Mendes!!! Now, my question is; is she even a Canadian??

alan skelhorne

most of these liberals are all anti-canadan. you don,t have to be a rhodes scholar to figure that out. they, the liberals want to be ran by the eu. simple isn,t it.


The damaged liberal brain cannot be cured.

Brian Dougan

As stated in the Old Testament; “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness….” (Isaiah 5:20.) Here we have a prime example. This gives us a (wholly unwelcome) glimpse into the Liberal mind. Pitiful.


Trudeau and the LPC are becoming more disturbing by the day and I have no doubt that he and his clapping seals will go to any length to “win” the next election. I find it amusing that some clueless moron would call not going along with an attempt to obstruct justice, a criminal code violation, treasonous. I think by now most reasonable Canadian’s know who is treasonous and that would be our dear leader who clearly acts against the best interests of this country that he was elected to serve. Along with ” letting Communist China buy sensitive companies treasonous,… Read more »


I am thoroughly enjoying watching the implosion of the Liberal party. And they built their brand around lying Justin, whose approval rating has totally tanked. Couldn’t be happening to more deserving people.


There’s something I’ve learned from years of dealing with argumentative people: “Those who yell the loudest are almost always in the wrong.” And that’s what I hear from the Liberals. Lots of yelling and screaming about silly things like “treason.” Compare that to JWR calmly talking to reporters today and saying with no malice “I don’t think I should be kicked out of caucus for doing my job”


Ah so many Liberal MPs…., freedom loving people, freedom caring Trudeau internationalists? The truth some do not want!?


Standing for the Rule of Law is not Treasonous; Jody Wilson-Raybould is defending our Canada and shows great courage and Integrity! She cannot be bought!


The Liberals are quick to condemn Jody’ taping but seem okay with Trudeau, Butts and Wernick lying before the committee. I guess Lying does not count.


In today’s world you have to look out for yourself and if you are in a position of power within the government and should you suspect any wrong doing by the government you bet you better record conversations. Jodi was not treasonous in any way by recording her call. Very smart of her I would say. I have the highest respect for her.


Breaking the law is a norm for the the liberals to do provided the media helps them by not disclosing the corruption in such magnitude everyday as they did to the Harper gov.
If you notice how headlines are worded:
Fed gov, instead of Trudeau’s gov.
Ottawa, ” ” ” ”
They media, will go to great lengths to LIE AND PROTECT THE LIBERALS AND DEMOCRATS IN USA.


…..and any liberal mp who dare break that rule of corruption like jody did, he or she are instantly remove or become outcast within the party. The only way to save face and not be outcast or threatened by their own peers is simply to resign like Brison and others did. But Jody is a liberal but not necessarily of this gov plus she did nothing wrong to suddenly leave. The liberals are more threatened by Jody than she of them.
She fulfilled her job for the crown rather than for the liberals.

Moe S.

Wow! Canada’s own version of Nancy Pelosi the U.S. Democratic. Trudeau Liberals are so desperate they are now using American style of hatred, smear, & divide tactics against truthing telling opponents. I’m sure the Liberals will continue to stoop as low as they can go. Pathetic.


“Are the liberals trying to spark aggression and conflict?” Answer: Yes. It is what they are good at. I hope they keep it up as it will most likely be the sword they die on.

Beverley Campbell

Unhinged, thats the appropriate word for (with three exceptions) the Liberals, all suffering from unhingement, no it’s not a word but it should be…


I think the rcmp need to start locking up Trudeau and his cronies. They should be striped of their salaries and pensions benefits. Why are they allowed to continue this charade? Shouldn’t the government have better thing to be doing? I mean they’re still getting paid. At what point does this become time theft?

Shawn Brake

wow wow wow the person who committed treason here is Trudeau and anybody who stood behind his lies and Corruption how dare you little potato how dare you say that about the only two people in the liberal party that had morals and integrity because you don’t have an ounce of either you can bet on one thing sock boy you’re getting voted out along with the rest of the Liberals