FAIL: Trudeau Lie About ‘Not Being Briefed’ By Wernick Gets Exposed By His Own Schedule

Absolutely pathetic.

Yet another Trudeau lie has been exposed.

Following the tape released by Jody Wilson-Raybould, the Trudeau PMO said that Justin was ‘never briefed’ by Wernick on the contents of the call.

After Canadians ridiculed that obvious lie, the PMO tried some desperate damage control, and Wernick’s lawyer went out and said that Wernick didn’t brief Trudeau on the call because “everyone went on vacation the next day.”

Unfortunately for Trudeau, his own schedule has exposed that as a lie.

It turns out that Trudeau was in Ottawa for private meetings the next day, not on vacation:

Trudeau Schedule

It’s literally one lie after another from the Trudeau PMO.

And it’s a mix of astounding incompetence and total arrogance for them to be continually lying to Canadians – even when those lies can be disproven simply by a glance at publicly available information.

It shows an immense amount of contempt for Canadians by Trudeau and his cronies, and that is something that should outrage all Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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These individuals are bereft of all morals. I am embarrassed for them.


It’s probably safe to say that you know Trudeau is lying whenever you see his lips moving. The alternative for Trudeau is to tell the truth and resign, but his arrogance gets in the way of that.


Always double down and shift blame whenever possible.

David MacKAY

Sad when a Son thinks his fathers legacy – “He Taught me everything I know” includes Lying to the nation and being puzzled that no one is buying it.
This apple doesn’t fall far from the tree
and he doesn’t seem to get it that the public
doesn’t buy the Leftist Fascist Communist Trudeau/Castro family mantra
“The ends Justify the Means”

Marvin marshall

Right on . The Apple you refer to is rotten to the core .


Justine abused the courts before with Omar Khadr payment. How’d Justine manage to go around the AG/court system and give Khadr a payout? How’d he go around the legal system and make arrangements with the bank? How’d did Justine take the Khadr case out of the AG’s hands and why’d he do it? What does SNC and Khadr have in common? Political? or personal?