PHOTOS: Gas Prices Surge As Trudeau Betrays Canadian Taxpayers With Carbon Tax Scam

It’s already hard for the Canadian People to make ends meet. Now, Trudeau has betrayed Canadians by making it even worse.

We’re living in a dangerously precarious economy.

Not only is Canada teetering and at risk of falling into a recession, but wage growth has been weak, and half the country has almost no financial cushion to fall back on in case of an emergency.

People are living on the financial edge, and just a small loss of income can be absolutely disastrous.

That’s why the carbon tax is a total betrayal of the Canadian People.

And not only is it a betrayal, but it’s a total scam.

We were told it would be ‘revenue neutral,’ but we know that won’t happen. The ‘rebates,’ if they even show up, won’t be nearly enough to match the cost, because the price of everything (including food) is going up and up and up.

We were also told it was about ‘taxing pollution,’ yet it’s even being applied on things we already pay loads of taxes on, like gasoline. If we’re paying tax on tax, why the hell were we paying the original gas taxes?

As you can see in the photo below, gas prices are already going up directly because of Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax:

Trudeau Carbon Tax Hike 1

And that’s just day 1.

Imagine how much worse things will get.

That’s money being stolen from the pockets and Canadians, and it’s being stolen by Justin Trudeau, Catherine McKenna, and the corrupt Liberal government.

The only way to stop this disgraceful tax grab betrayal is to defeat the Trudeau Liberals, and ensure that the carbon tax scam is overturned and our money put back in the hands of Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

Photos – Twitter


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Dave Shirlaw

$158.9 in Vancouver


The NDP in British Columbia doesn’t help either. They love taxes galore.

Barry Partington

$1.59 in Vancouver. Well good. Maybe if the price gets to $2 or $3 per litre it`ll be enough for those in a Liberal Kool-Aid stupor to give their heads a good shake.

alan skelhorne

simply put, british columbia is the same as vancouver, btw when is vancouver leaving canada.


I hope it goes to $8 ltr in the pipeline blockading BC.

Moe S.

My relatives who live in South Carolina are paying $2.45 a gallon for gas. If you live in Toronto, Ont. the cost for a litre of gas on April 1st is $1.27 a litre. Correct my math if I’m wrong. Canadians are paying double the cost for gas than Americans ( 4 litres= 1 gallon) Canadian $1.27/litre=$5.08/gallon U.S.

Eric Blair

Those prices for gas is nothing…. nothing. Here in Tsawwassen, near the US border the price of gas at a Shell station is 159.9. To add insult to injury we already have a carbon tax. Thankfully, the people around here can head to Point Roberts, Washington (about a mile away) and gas up for $1.14 per litre Canadian. Only two border lineups (there and back) and at the pumps is all the inconvience you have to put up with.


It’s $1,47 in Victoria ,where we have had the carbon tax for ten years or so. I HATE that tax as it hurts average, everyday Canadians who must pay more for food, transportation, etc.


1.45 to 1.46 in Victoria and climbing. I wish it was 1.20. Not everyone here is an anti pipeline dope smoking hippy. We don’t deserve this anymore than anyone else in this country.


Went up 15 cents over last weekend in Kenora, ON. 119.9 to 134.9