VIDEO: Remember When Trudeau Said The Whole SNC-Lavalin Story Was False?


With the release of Jody Wilson-Raybould’s tape of her conversation with Michael Wernick, it was irrefutably proven that Justin Trudeau has been lying the whole time about the SNC-Lavalin PMO Scandal.

And that brings us back to the first thing he said when the Globe & Mail story was revealed:

What a slimeball.

He knew he was lying then, and he knows he’s lying now when he claims Wernick never briefed him on the conversation.

It’s been lie after lie after lie, as Trudeau doesn’t believe the Canadian People deserve the truth and thus has no problem lying to us endlessly.

And of course, the fact that he’s so blatantly willing to lie once again shows that nothing he says – on anything – can be trusted.

Trust is earned, and Trudeau has failed to earn it.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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I probably just experienced this scandal different than the laurential elites.


I would like Trudeau to explain his conversations with Mr. Amatti about replacing JWR. What was said to him. Did he make any promises regarding interference in the SNC trial? Did he promise to shut it down and was that the reason he was given the Attorney General position? What was Amatti told was the reason he was replacing JWR?


Justin Trudeau is a charlatan and a huckster.

shawn harris

With all the lies, denials and deflecting of blame by Trudeau, the only person he has convinced of his innocence is himself. Trudeau is a proven compulsive and pathological liar, who can’t accept the reality of what he has so deliberately done. When you break down what has happened, all the evidence leads right back to Trudeau , who started this entire and totally avoidable legal mess, he now finds himself struggling to get away from. The really sad bit here is, Canadians trust in our parliamentarians and our legal system is being destroyed by Justin Trudeau , who is… Read more »


That’s his story and he’s sticking to it….or it’s sticking to him.

David Henley

So what is Scheer going to do when Trudeau decides that there will be no election? Is he going to get the whole country to do a chant on hill? Nothing to stop this from happening. Just change the laws.