BREAKING: Jody Wilson-Raybould Kicked Out Of Liberal Caucus, Banned From Running For Party In 2019 Election

An absolute disgrace.

Justin Trudeau and his corrupt cronies have kicked Jody Wilson-Raybould out of the Liberal Caucus.

She revealed the information in a Tweet:

“I have just been informed by the Prime Minister of Canada that I am removed from the Liberal caucus and as the confirmed Vancouver Granville candidate for the Liberal Party of Canada in the 2019 federal election. More to come…”

This is horrible.

Jody Wilson-Raybould followed the law and resisted pressure to do the bidding of a corrupt company.

She spoke the truth while others lied.

And now, Justin Trudeau has booted her out.

A disgusting move by Trudeau and his corrupt cronies.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Norbert Kausen

She should join the PPC…


The “rule of law” is what makes a democracy a democracy. Congradulations Canada we now are living under the “rule of a leader”.,…Justin Trudeau’s “1st post national state”.

Don Taylor

Trudeau and his cronies are a disgrace to Canada and every Canadian in our country,I will be telling every one that I know that Turdeau and his cronies chose corruption over TRUTH

pancake rachel corrie


Don Piche

This is the corrupt Liberal Party & ROGUE TRUDEAU GOV’T’s decision where apparently no good deed goes unpunished!! Any Canadian that chooses to vote for this band of despicables must also have similarly warped values & priorities.

You state that this was DISGRACEFUL and DISGUSTING and inferentially you claim that SHE is the only one telling the TRUTH in this debacle? Surely you must jest, Spencer! What TRUTH does she proclaim and attest to; the Liberal truth, the Conservative truth, the Indian or Metis truth? She, like ALL the politicians at the federal and provincial levels, don’t know HOW to tell the truth, but they sure as hell know to LIE. She is getting everyone on her “sympathy train” and there are certainly a lot of numb-skulls who are boarding. Will Scheer allow her to run as… Read more »


Just yesterday JWR said she would not be resigning. Good for her for taking this stand. But I also think it is scary a party leader has the power to deny someone the right to run for office for his/her party. I said “party leader” rather than the PM, because they all have the ability to refuse to allow someone to be nominated.

Leave that decision to the voters. Otherwise, I consider it very undemocratic.


And the Trudeau debacle keeps going further and further south. He can’t seem to place a foot right and you really have to wonder whose advice he’s following here. Or, more likely, it’s his own decision and he can’t fathom the blowback on the LPC he’s creating.

This is one of the most remarkable political events I’ve ever witnessed.




By the disgraceful, incompetent way Trudeau has run this country in past 3 years it’s no surprise he has made yet another disgraceful decision. No surprise at all. JWR along with Dr J. Philpott are the ONLY 2 intelligent, principled visual members of caucus – appears no one else has the nerve to stand up to the dictator JT. It’s their loss for sure. I wish JWR all the very best & have nothing but complete respect for her (the letter she wrote to the party yesterday is just another example of her outstanding integrity!). Whichever party gets her now,… Read more »


So is this how ‘truth and reconciliation’ works?


Hopefully the eastern voters will remember this come election time…

shawn harris

Trudeau has now confirmed on what side of the law he stands and isn’t on the side of law and order and equal justice for all. Trudeau acts like he is Canada’s official concierge of crime. Find yourself facing criminal charges and need a quick fix, call Trudeau: breaking the law and obstructing justice is his speciality. Trudeau once was a drama teacher, but somehow he has decided to become the “Blacklist Raymond Reddington” of Canada. Trudeau’s decisions to eject JWR from caucus , does nothing to absolve him of his guilt in conspiring to obstruct justice. And it does… Read more »

David MacKAY

Has Canada had a more corrupt Prime Minister?
His behaviours is reminiscent of Caligula – he loathes what used to called normal and he especially loathes integrity. We know from Raybolds tape that his cabinet servants all fear him.
So… will it be someone in his praetorian Guard who will end him?

Ann Harris

I am NOT surprised. I’m disgusted, ashamed for Canada to have that animal as our leader. You know, it’s Trudeau’s LOSS. I would love to see her cross the floor and join the professional Conservative party. Yes, it was somewhat underhanded to record the idiot she was talking to but, you have to fight fire with fire and I have no doubt that’s exactly what she had to do. As for the remainder of the Liberal MPs in the Liberal caucus, they show what we’ve long known…. they are slimy, cowardly AND unqualified.


She’d sure help Maxime Bernier, join his team, a fine leader.

Fred Dimmick

No surprise, integrity is alien to liberal philosophy.


Change parties. Get away from Liberals..

derrick pearce

she will get the last laugh when we kick his butt to the curb, worst prime minister ever. as a person he is a spoiled little coward. loves the power

Douglas Martens

Talk about tipping your hand! I’ve been trying to think of one single solitary thing JT has done since taking power which I can applaud. There isn’t one. I’ve watched this hypocrite get elected against my wishes and virtually bankrupt the country I have loved since my childhood not only financially, but morally, and also watch our credibility being garbureted in the eyes of the entire world. This latest move adds to the pile and ensures that his name will rot with all who abuse their positions of power and trust.