HIDING: Coward Trudeau Changes Schedule, Skips Question Period


At the last minute, Justin Trudeau – who was scheduled to be in Question Period today – changed his schedule and decided to skip it.

“The Prime Minister’s Office just released an updated itinerary for @justintrudeau – it removes Question Period from his schedule.”

That’s Trudeau’s “openness and accountability,” when the going gets tough he skips out and denies answers to the Canadian People.

Trudeau is facing lots of ‘pressure,’ and that pressure is all of his own doing. He’s betrayed the country, he’s betrayed those Liberal MPs who still have principles, and he’s betrayed everything he claimed to stand for.

And now that he has to face the consequences of that betrayal – the country turning against him – he doesn’t have the guts today to stand and defend his likely next move – punishing those who followed the rules while rewarding his slavish and pathetic cronies.

Every day seems to bring another Trudeau disgrace.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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He should step down as PM. He never was qualified for the job in the first place.


Trudeau is a pathetic little coward. Can’t take the heat. Must be at home smoking a joint in his PJs wondering why he is no longer loved.


You’d think of all the qualifications needed to be Prime Minister of Canada, run and hide when under pressure would not be one of them. Trudeau is incompetent.


” denies answers to the Canadian People” He NEVER answers a question !!!



shawn harris

Trudeau not answering questions, what a surprise, even when he is in parliament, he rarely ever gives a honest or even a direct answer to any questions asked of him. The answer he would give is, it’s all about jobs or something about helping the middle class and those trying to join it, kind of nonsense. After all Trudeau has shown he has no ethics at all by being found guilty 4 times of ethics violations. So failing to face up to his crimes and evade answers is just business as usual for a PM lacking any morals and values.… Read more »

sandra c

He doesn’t have the guts today to stand and defend his likely next move? I believe that statement is only partially true. I also believe, that Trudeau doesn’t give a toot about what we think. He’s snubbing his nose at us and refuses to show up in Parliament and answer any questions because it’s his right to do so, if he pleases. He believes that he is the ruler of Canada and we can all got to H***. He’s making a statement….Trudeau doesn’t give a crap what everyone thinks. He’s going to do what he wants to do. And if… Read more »

Doug Maenpaa

Ha !
Trud-doh! needed an excuse to avoid question period, his staff happily obliged…..something more important came up !