Jody Wilson-Raybould Releases New Statement After Trudeau’s Despicable Decision

“What I can say is that I hold my head high…”

Jody Wilson-Raybould has released a new statement following Justin Trudeau’s horrendous decision to kick her out of the Liberal Caucus:

“Reflecting on what PM has done, my thoughts are w/ my constituents in #VanGran, my dedicated staff & volunteers, my family & friends & all Canadians who believed in a new way of doing politics. I will take the time to reflect & talk to my supporters about what happens next. (1/2)”

“What I can say is that I hold my head high & that I can look myself in the mirror knowing I did what I was required to do and what needed to be done based on principles & values that must always transcend party. I have no regrets. I spoke the truth as I will continue to do. (2/2)”

Spencer Fernando

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If we want to contact Ms Wilson with support, do you have an address? Her parliament one will probably be blocked.


So good to know there are still people with integrity in government. Shame on Trudeau and his spineless left wing cronies.


Justin Trudeau is one sorry excuse for a Prime Minister. He’s the one who should be banned from running for office in 2019.

pancake rachel corrie

justin is going full on dictator

Glenda Cruikshank - Kirk

I do have a wee bit of a problem with Jody Wilson-Raybould who wanted to stay with the Liberals. I feel betrayed by her in more ways than one. Anyone wanting to stay with the Liberals after all the controversy is, in my view, not to be taken too seriously! Jody Wilson – Raybould’s reference to Indigenous people (like they are the only important/superior people) being the only angry ones turned me off because she disregarded those of us Canadians who do/did support her and THAT is what makes me furious!!!! I lost my respect and support for her right… Read more »


Team worker works 2 ways. Jody WR had a lot of integrity and applied her knowledge of the law fairly by not granting a Deferred Prosecution Agreement to SNC Lavalin. She trusted and was protecting Mr. Trudeau and the Liberal Government in her decision. She had trust in the PMO, however the PMO developped a NO TRUST situation towards her because she would not bend to their constant harassment.

shawn harris

Trudeau has declared that he will support corruption before supporting the laws of canada. He will crush those who oppose his lies, deceitful ways and arrogance. And that anyone within his Liberal party that shows integrity, honour and a sense of moral duty towards Canada will be thrown out of the Liberal party. Trudeau prefers to demonise and delegitimize those who stand up for equality for all and our judicial system. Trudeau has the power to get what he wants now, but fails to govern for the best interests of Canadians by showing such arrogant decision making that only benefits… Read more »


as she should ; a person of integrity , principles and worthy of respect , admiration and honor …not like the one who calls himself LEADER …a real joke and a despicable outrage


When will the RCMP exercise THE LAW’?

Ken (Kulak)

The above comments are true. However, make no mistake. Neither of these ladies is a friend of western Canadian energy resource industry.


Rule of Law v.s. Law of Ruler. The firing of JWR from the Liberal Party of Canada removes all doubt as to their dictatorial desires for our once great coumtry.


When Glen Kealey a Tory party director complained about corruption in Mulroney’s government he took an RCMP polygraph and passed. Later when Kealey was outside in front of the Parliament he was arrested by the RCMP? Later when Chretien was PM he attacked a man and the incident in on the web known as the Shawinigan Handshake. A senior journalist at the time who reportedly to have been investigating Chretien activities was fired..And then Chretien with others like Justin had made a joke of the matter. Now Justin fires his Minister of Justice and then expels her and another MP… Read more »

james isnor

This Trudeau makes is father look like a saint. Jody Wilson Raybould is a credit to Canada. Jump to another party and run for PM ASAP. You have my vote and many many others. Send JT back to Tofino