READ Jody Wilson-Raybould’s Letter To The Liberal Caucus

Says they face a choice “about what kind of party you want to be a part of…”

Jody Wilson-Raybould has issued a letter to the Liberal Caucus, as they consider kicking her out.

In her letter, she says “Ultimately the choice that is before you is about what kind of party you want to be a part of, what values it will uphold, the vision that animates it, and indeed the type of people it will attract and make it up.”

The full letter can be read below:


This letter gives the impression that Wilson-Raybould is very interested in remaining in the Liberal Caucus. However, the wording is also setting up how the Liberals will be perceived if they boot her anyway. She will be able to say – with  justification – that the Liberals have gone against everything they claimed to stand for.

And indeed, that’s what’s happening. By supporting Trudeau, the Liberals are betraying Canadians and betraying the promises they made, and that betrayal must be punished with a severe election defeat.

Spencer Fernando

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