Fraud: Trudeau Uses Photo Of Forest Fire Caused By Wind Turbine Construction Project To Sell His Carbon Tax Scam

The fraud never ends with the Trudeau Liberals.

Justin Trudeau recently tweeted an article with the following photo, in an effort to fear-monger Canadians into supporting his hated carbon tax scam.

The photo is attempting to make some sort of link between supporting Trudeau’s carbon tax scam, and avoiding forest fires, which is an astoundingly absurd argument.

And it’s even more absurd, once you realize where the photo is from:

This photo is from the Parry Sound 33 fire.

Parry Sound 33 Fire

And it’s the same photo that was in the article Trudeau tweeted.

As David Jacobs pointed out on Twitter, the fire in that photo was caused by a construction project for a wind turbine:

The connection between the wind turbine construction project and the fire has been made in multiple sources:

A CBC report included quotes from workers saying “We heard on two-way radios that there was an Argo [an all-terrain vehicle] that broke down in the bush where the fire began,” one worker said. “During the week, as we proceeded through work, there were fires that started up from our machines … little fires,” he said. “But this one started and it was too big for [workers] to control. And it got out of hand and it turned into devastation.” reported the same thing:

“A disabled vehicle in a remote area of Henvey Inlet was to blame for last summer’s massive Parry Sound 33 forest fire, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry said in a Feb. 22 press release, but the company who owned the vehicle has been found not to be at fault for causing the fire. The MNRF said it has completed its extensive investigation into the Parry Sound 33 wildland fire. The ministry’s team of investigators found that the fire originated at the location of a disabled vehicle in a remote area of Henvey Inlet. Assistance was sought from a forensic fire expert.”

So, Trudeau is using a fire caused by the fact that a wind turbine construction project was going on, in a deceptive attempt to sell his carbon tax.

It’s yet another fraud that Trudeau is trying to perpetrate on the Canadian People, and it’s once again why we can’t believe anything he or his government says.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Don Taylor

Trudeau deserves to be brought up on charges of FRAUD and sentenced to prison,he is a habitual Liar ,the most corrupt PM in history,

Timothy Meisner

Sure wish we could double, triple upvote.

GK Anderson

Not only should trudeau be brought up on FRAUD charges but his his whole damned caucus should be also. They are sitting there like bobble-heads agreeing with every lie he utters. They are aiding and abetting him and are just as guilty and stupid.

old white guy

All those promoting AGW are frauds.


Contrary to the report, Canada has seen record cold across the country over the last 7 months.

Alberta ans Saskatchewan farmers suffered a blow when early snowfall hit their crops. British Columbia broke 39 records for snowfall and cold in as little as one day. Calgary ironically experienced record snowfall just before Doug Ford arrived for an anti-carbon tax rally. Pearson saw record snowfall and has been battered once again by record cold leading into April.

There are dozens more examples.

Cleroux, Jacqueline

One of Canada’s many glaciers had been melting over the last 20 years but, in 2018 was found to be thickening and growing.

Dale Evjen

Trudolt & Climate Barbie keep rolling out the “our kids and grandkids are counting on us” ploy in relation to Climate Change but give no thought to the fact that their “totally out of control spending and deficit enhancement” will be absolutely devastating to their kids and grandkids lives!!


Not to mention his ‘open border policy’ which is now causing societal disruptions in our major cities as in school children needing English lessons & prayer rooms, meal & motel accomodation, etc etc which our children & grandchildren will be paying as they also pay off the deficit from today! The revelations coming out of Ft. MacMurray these days are also issues our children & grandchildren will grapple with. Sure, he really cares for our children & grandchildren – while his own attend private school & jet around the globe.


Could be the Fire Trudeau has created to ruin Canada!


Learned at the foot of his daddy


Well there isn’t a day that goes by that this Treasonous Half wit doesn’t make you want to Hurl.
With our trillions of trees and other things Canada does not have a carbon footprint .but if Jihad Justin keeps flying all over the world with too many people IE 287 to the Paris accord proves he is looking for foreign $$$ for the Trudeau Foundation . we need to follow Australia’s lead and get out of the UN climate BS.
dismantle the fake news CBC .and a few hundred other wrongs over the past 31/2 years


during his campaign he said he committed to being transparent….well Trudeau we see right through your ‘bull#%*&.
Ahhh…a campaign promise fulfilled.

Timothy Meisner

It is sad when people and environment are used illegitimately to provide fear mongering amongst those less informed. Students making a stand against fossil fuels and carbon pollution based on rhetoric and fake ideas from left wing government nut jobs. Those students making that stand and their only defense is, “why would anyone lie to us about something like this”? We are led to believe that Climate science is 100% understood. What is clear and simple to understand is historical data collection. Everything from climate estimates 100 million years ago, to sunspot activity, pole shifts, ice ages, atmospheric CO2 and… Read more »


Trudeau is a fraud..

Paul Chabidon

Hi Spencer, I have read somewhere recently that even the IPCC thinks Environment Canada’s number are very inaccurate. I believe that would be a great story too know more about, why are their numbers off, how far are their numbers off, who is responsible for them being off, and so on. Considering the histeria around Climate Change and all the Tax schemes around the globe gouging that last nickle out of our pockets, it would be great to know. You are my first stop to see what’s Happening here in the great white north, so keep up the Great work!… Read more »

Major Tom

Justin Trudeau aka The Artful Dodger!

adam dasilva

What can I say, Trudeau and his corrupt Liberal Party can NEVER be trusted, one just has to look at his track record of lying and deceitful idiotic behaviour. Justin is nothing but a Fraud and a puppet unworthy of any position in our Canadian government.

Ray Decorby

Mother nature burnig her lawn…which she has been doing about every hundred years. I’ve walked a lot of the boreal forest in my day, and every bit of it has charcoal/burned wood on the floor.

Gordon J. Fulks, PhD

Thank you for pointing this out. Climate fraud is promoted in a thousand ways by those who are either unable or unwilling to support the truth. Their scientific illiteracy does not stop them from bearing false witness. That is especially true of politicians who are willing to say (or show) practically anything that seemingly supports their political agenda. It also includes much of the ideologically driven press that fancies itself far more knowledgeable than it actually is. Knowledge of the terminology is NOT anywhere close to knowledge of the science. Justin Trudeau should be given the Smokestack Award (for showing… Read more »

Bob Zybach

My PhD is in the study of forest wildfire history. Here is the comment I left on a blog I co-moderate, “Global Warming Realists,” in response to this article: The forest fire definitely wasn’t caused by “global warming” — that is just dishonest misrepresentation — but it wasn’t caused by “wind turbine construction,” either. That was just the claimed source of ignition. Could have been a careless smoker or a kid playing with firecrackers just as easily. Or arson. The wildfire was a result of forest fuel build-ups plain and simple, and the “cause” is a direct result of forest… Read more »

David Middleton

Trudeau is a fool who has been conned by the enviro terrorists a Gerald Butts.