Fraud: Trudeau Uses Photo Of Forest Fire Caused By Wind Turbine Construction Project To Sell His Carbon Tax Scam

The fraud never ends with the Trudeau Liberals.

Justin Trudeau recently tweeted an article with the following photo, in an effort to fear-monger Canadians into supporting his hated carbon tax scam.

The photo is attempting to make some sort of link between supporting Trudeau’s carbon tax scam, and avoiding forest fires, which is an astoundingly absurd argument.

And it’s even more absurd, once you realize where the photo is from:

This photo is from the Parry Sound 33 fire.

Parry Sound 33 Fire

And it’s the same photo that was in the article Trudeau tweeted.

As David Jacobs pointed out on Twitter, the fire in that photo was caused by a construction project for a wind turbine:

The connection between the wind turbine construction project and the fire has been made in multiple sources:

A CBC report included quotes from workers saying “We heard on two-way radios that there was an Argo [an all-terrain vehicle] that broke down in the bush where the fire began,” one worker said. “During the week, as we proceeded through work, there were fires that started up from our machines … little fires,” he said. “But this one started and it was too big for [workers] to control. And it got out of hand and it turned into devastation.” reported the same thing:

“A disabled vehicle in a remote area of Henvey Inlet was to blame for last summer’s massive Parry Sound 33 forest fire, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry said in a Feb. 22 press release, but the company who owned the vehicle has been found not to be at fault for causing the fire. The MNRF said it has completed its extensive investigation into the Parry Sound 33 wildland fire. The ministry’s team of investigators found that the fire originated at the location of a disabled vehicle in a remote area of Henvey Inlet. Assistance was sought from a forensic fire expert.”

So, Trudeau is using a fire caused by the fact that a wind turbine construction project was going on, in a deceptive attempt to sell his carbon tax.

It’s yet another fraud that Trudeau is trying to perpetrate on the Canadian People, and it’s once again why we can’t believe anything he or his government says.

Spencer Fernando

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