WATCH: Dozens Of Daughters Of The Vote Delegates Turn Their Backs On Trudeau As He Speaks In Parliament (VIDEO & PHOTOS)

His ‘feminist’ brand is dead.

When Justin Trudeau spoke to the Daughters Of The Vote delegates at the House of Commons, dozens of women stood up and turned their backs on him.

“I count about three dozen or so #DaughterOfTheVote delegates stand and turn their back to @JustinTrudeau as he beings to speak.”

“Looks like more than 40 #DaughtersOfTheVote delegates standing with their backs turned to PMJT in the House chamber.”

Dozens also walked out when Andrew Scheer spoke.

However, Andrew Scheer hasn’t built his entire political brand on ‘woke’ feminism, while Justin Trudeau has, meaning that delegates turning their backs on Trudeau is a devastating blow.

It shows that his despicable decision to boot out Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott has completely killed his feminist brand, and people are realizing what a liar he is.

Below you can see video and photos of Daughters Of The Vote turning their backs on Trudeau:

“Dozens of young women here for Daughters of the Vote turn their backs as Trudeau speaks -in solidarity with Ms Wilson-Raybould and Ms Philpott”

Spencer Fernando

Photos – Twitter


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Sarina Cliplef

I find it interesting that this is what it took for people to realize that he is a “feminist ” in word only. To me, his claim became meaningless when he chose to identify with Islam and Sharia law (claiming it’s “compatible” with Canadian law). One cannot be pro-feminist and pro-Islam at the same time.


Well said; Bravo Sarina Cliplef!

don morris

Were any of the DoV’s on the Liberal side of the House?

Moe S.

His sanctimonious fatherly tone of voice used towards these young women is insulting. Good for them for rejecting his condescending performance. Again, a Trudeau example of the truth getting defined by whatever he needs the political outcome to become. These intelligent young women saw right through his phoney performance. Bravo!


How embarrassing for the “feminist’ Justin. He got what he deserved. But Andrew Sheer shouldn’t have been treated that way.