WATCH: Less Than A Day After Kicking Her Out, Trudeau Is Already Having Trouble Remembering Jane Philpott’s Name

So soon eh?

It hasn’t taken long for Justin Trudeau to start forgetting Jane Philpott’s name.

Not even a day ago, Trudeau booted Philpott and Wilson-Raybould out of the Liberal Caucus, in a despicable act that represents Trudeau doubling down on corruption and punishing those with integrity.

And while speaking in the House of Commons, Justin Trudeau already seems to be having trouble remembering Philpott’s name, as shown in this video from the True North Centre:

That sure didn’t take long.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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LOL. The effects of legal weed…

Don Taylor

Turdeau is the most obnoxious POS ,people cant stand the sight of him and when he speaks they want to vomit.

David MacKAY

Trudeau is for all intents and and purposes a dictator. He is is plainly evil and of evil intent. The worst Prime Minister Canada has ever had.

S Willis

Trudeau is a criminal… period!


What a disgrace. Can someone please explain how in God’s name there are still people willing to vote for this @$%^$%^

David MacKAY

Trudeau used to have Gerald Buts telling him what to say or what not to say in that earpiece he always wore – Gerald Resigned along with successive Presidents of the Treasury Board…sooo- who tells Justin what to say now?