WATCH LIVE: Alberta Leaders Debate

Jason Kenney and Rachel Notley square off in the Alberta Leaders Debate.

The leaders of Alberta’s top provincial parties are facing off in a pivotal leaders debate.

You can watch it live below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Thanks for the link. Shared

Tim Shanks

Why not legally keep 40 billion dollars per year by secession? Lots of problems solved and federal issues resolved at the same time. It is actually the ONLY viable solution.

David Henley

I have a problem when an election is being based on special interest groups, or climate change. Climate change is not a result human presence. It is a condition of earth going through cycles. Special interest groups are taking over how this country is being would be nice if leaders would focus on Canadians as a whole country. Not defined by the special interest of one group over another. Make laws that protect the family, children and the interest of a country. Stop pandering to the special groups and focus on all Canadians.