Justin Trudeau Threatens To Sue Andrew Scheer, Scheer Says Bring It On

If Trudeau intends to sue me, if he believes he has a case against me, he should get on with it,” said Scheer.

In a move likely to keep the SNC-Lavalin PMO Scandal in the headlines, Justin Trudeau has made the odd move of threatening to sue Andrew Scheer, apparently over Scheer claiming Trudeau criminally interfered in Canada’s Independent Prosecution service.

Here’s what Scheer said about it:

“I stand by every single criticism I have made of Justin Trudeau’s behaviour in this scandal. If Trudeau intends to sue me, if he believes he has a case against me, he should get on with it. This is the letter my lawyers sent to Justin Trudeau today.”

He also shared a photo of a letter from his lawyer:

Andrew Scheer Trudeau Lawsuit

Scheer went on to say this:

“Why do I welcome Justin Trudeau’s lawsuit? 1) Because he will finally be forced to testify under oath. 2) He will not be able to shut down the proceedings like he has in Parliament. Canadians will finally get the answers they deserve.”

Trudeau’s lawsuit threat is a desperate effort to intimidate Canadians into not talking about the Scandal.

But as you can tell by Andrew Scheer’s response, it’s not going to work.

Canadians aren’t going to stop talking about it, and Trudeau can’t make it all go away. He must pay the political price for his corruption and endless lies to the Canadian People.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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D Met

Since the departure of Gerald Butts, whomever is currently in charge of advising Trudeau is doing an absolutely piss-poor job of it. I cannot fathom how any one individual could possibly make so many public relations errors as this prime minister. Notwithstanding the fact that he was/is GROSSLY unqualified as Canada’s leader, his arrogance has pushed him so far out of step with his brand that I feel it is now unrecoverable. If the guy had any sense at all he would step down, take his $10 million trust fund and go and spend a month on EACH of the… Read more »


We are behind you Andrew Scheer and The Conservatives, it is past time that all the LIEberal lies were exposed – ( Just like in Ontario though, the shredders are probably working over time and the computers etc. were wiped clean by the Ontario lieberals, as you know ). I am hoping the election is sooner. We must get behind the Conservatives and work together unite Canadians again or we are gone as a good lawful country, (and be left in Trudeaus one world post national state hell full of corruption and hate).


Scheer is the leader of the official opposition. He’s supposed to criticize the Liberals. I think Trudeau just wants a country with a one party system and no one to criticize him.


How stupid can he be? Does he not realize that his actions are having the opposite effect to what he intends? Instead of shutting the story down, he’s doing everything he can to keep it in the headlines. Even the left wing media is paying full attention.

And I couldn’t be happier to watch the implosion of Trudeau and his corrupt government.

sandra c

It’s really sad (actually pathetic), when the Prime Minister threatens to take legal action against the head person of the opposition party, who by the way, is just doing his job. If Trudeau can’t handle criticism, then he shouldn’t be the Prime Minister. Much worse has come forth from Trudeau’s mouth and he thinks nothing of it and expects everyone to handle it. His hypocrisy is astounding.


This would be really good when they call SNC Exec, Butts, Wernick, Jody Lametti, and a number of other MPs to testify. What a circus that would be. Chances are Trudeau is just going to shut-up about this now.

shawn harris

Trudeau’s lawsuit against Andrew Scheer is such a brilliant move, it will keep the SNC Lavalin scandal alive and well between now and election day. If Trudeau is so firm in his delusion that this lawsuit will keep the public’s attention away from SNC lavalin and restore the Liberals chances of an election victory,Trudeau is beyond delusional and is bordering upon either being stupid , insane or both. Trudeau doesn’t read history too much either; Harper had to deal with the Mike Duffy trial and it distracted away from Harper’s chances of another majority government. If this lawsuit goes to… Read more »


This lawsuit thing sounds like a good idea…..get them both in court..bring out the skeletons of the powerful engineering, construction company…and where it goes…Grits, Tories……


Love it! One way or the other, Trudeau is caught. A hah a h!