Justin Trudeau Directly Authorized $10.5 Million Payment To Khadr Says Report

While government tries distancing Trudeau from the hated payment to Omar Khadr, source in PMO explains Trudeau’s direct role.

A report in the National Post shows efforts by the Trudeau government attempting to distance Justin Trudeau from the payment to Omar Khadr.

According to the story, “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was not yet aware a $10.5-million payment to Omar Khadr had been finalized when news of the settlement leaked to the media in the summer of 2017, an internal report shows — suggesting one explanation for why the government launched a wide-ranging hunt for the source of the leak.”

However, the Trudeau government has admitted that they supported the payment, with Gerald Butts saying in a book “But we wouldn’t have stopped it.”

And yet, it turns out that Justin Trudeau directly authorized the payment:

“However, a source in the Prime Minister’s Office who spoke on the condition they not be named said the payment of money also had to be authorized directly by Trudeau, as well as Finance Minister Bill Morneau, because it was a funding request taking place outside the usual budget reporting process.”

So, in another communications fail, the Trudeau government tried to distance Justin from the payment, which resulted in him being tied even more closely to it.

Imagine all the good that $10.5 million could have done to help loyal Canadians.

Spencer Fernando


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