LYING LIBS: Liberals Claim Andrew Scheer ‘Edited’ Tweets. But Twitter Doesn’t Have An Edit Function.

Why can’t the Trudeau Liberals stop lying?

During Question Period, Bardish Chagger tried to somehow defend the hilariously miscalculated lawsuit threat made by Justin Trudeau against Andrew Scheer.

And yet again, she and the Liberals lied.

Chagger claimed that Scheer was “editing and changing tweets.”

Yet, Twitter doesn’t have an ‘edit’ button.

In fact, that’s one of the things many Twitter users have complained about, wanting the ability to edit Tweets after they are made.

But that option does not exist.

Simply put, Tweets can’t be edited.

So, Chagger and the Liberals were lying once again.

Amazingly, they lie so much that they’re now lying about the ‘justification’ for a lawsuit claiming someone is lying about how much Trudeau is lying.

There’s a clear consensus that the Trudeau Liberals made a huge mistake by threatening a lawsuit against Andrew Scheer, and their efforts to defend that mistake once again show the endless mendacity and deception of the Trudau government.

With them, it’s all lies, all the time.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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