LYING LIBS: Liberals Claim Andrew Scheer ‘Edited’ Tweets. But Twitter Doesn’t Have An Edit Function.

Why can’t the Trudeau Liberals stop lying?

During Question Period, Bardish Chagger tried to somehow defend the hilariously miscalculated lawsuit threat made by Justin Trudeau against Andrew Scheer.

And yet again, she and the Liberals lied.

Chagger claimed that Scheer was “editing and changing tweets.”

Yet, Twitter doesn’t have an ‘edit’ button.

In fact, that’s one of the things many Twitter users have complained about, wanting the ability to edit Tweets after they are made.

But that option does not exist.

Simply put, Tweets can’t be edited.

So, Chagger and the Liberals were lying once again.

Amazingly, they lie so much that they’re now lying about the ‘justification’ for a lawsuit claiming someone is lying about how much Trudeau is lying.

There’s a clear consensus that the Trudeau Liberals made a huge mistake by threatening a lawsuit against Andrew Scheer, and their efforts to defend that mistake once again show the endless mendacity and deception of the Trudau government.

With them, it’s all lies, all the time.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Liberals are like psychotics who have built and moved into their own little make-believe world in the sky and think everyone they talk to should follow them there.

Diane DiFlorio

Shows how out of touch these Libs are and how far they go to cover up their lies.


Goes to show even before the Election until currently Lies are the Normal for Justin and the Liberal party .


I am sick and tired of the same written response from Liberals, being repeated for every question presented to them from the opposition.
As for the response to the “plastic” garbage query, Mckenna, responded by saying that they are working on it, starting with G7 and other countries. This question for for Canada, not about every other country they are sending money, but no progress for Canada. This is a big farce.

Gary Van Mourik

Just another liar, lying and deflecting to protect a corrupt criminal Trudeau! Lieberals at their finest!


I hope that the fact that Twitter does NOT have an Edit, and Andrew Sheer could not have edited his tweet, is told in the House of Commons tomorrow, on “Power Play” and on “Power & Politics” tomorrow. The fact that The Liberals are spreading lies regarding Andrew Scheer should be Televised, Shared with everyone’s Family and Friends and Spread across Canada. Canadians have to learn just how Corrupt and Deceitful Trudeau and his Liberals are. Another confirmation of how much Trudeau and his Liberal Sheep are UNFIT to Govern. Spread the Word! Let’s make sure that the Liberals become… Read more »


They did show it. This article has misquoted Chagger, and then used the false quote to create a false ‘there is no edit button’ story.

Robert Rice

The only reason trudeau would follow thru with this court case is because it knows it will still be ongoing during and past the Oct,2019 election period and that he could say that he cannot comment on anything about SNC and his corruption because it is in front of the courts. It is a sleazy move on trudeaus part, shut down everything to do with his SNC corruption by starting a court case that he knows he cannot possibly win.


This MP was well chosen by Trudeau. She has similar smarts and the ethics to follow their party line.

shawn harris

The Liberals are so self deceived by their constant lying that they have given up on ever doing a simple thing like checking your facts before stating them as a fact. They are as the fictional character Forrest Gump said,”stupid is as stupid does”. And that is exactly what Trudeau is proving beyond any reasonable doubt.