POLL: UCP Has Big Lead Over NDP In Alberta Election

People also say Jason Kenney won the debate.

A new poll by Forum Research shows the United Conservative Party with a strong lead over the NDP in the Alberta Election.

Here are the topline numbers:

UCP – 55%

NDP – 32%

Alberta Party – 7%

Liberals – 1%

According to Forum, those results would give the UCP a majority government with 67 seats, while the NDP would have just 18.

The poll also asked people what they felt about the debate.

The results show the same trend as the poll taken right after the debate on SpencerFernando.com, which showed Kenney winning.

While – as I predicted – the margin was narrower in the Forum survey, 41% say Kenney won the debate, while just 23% said Notley won it. 16% said nobody won, and 6% believe either Khan or Mandel won.

With just a week left until the election, things are looking good for the United Conservative Party. That said, the votes still have to be counted, and the election isn’t over until all the votes are in. There can be no complacency in the efforts to defeat the socialists.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Thanks. Shared.


Go Jason Kenney it is past time for Alberta to have a fiscally responsible truthful government and get Alberta and Saskatchewan’s oil and gas to all of our country without the socialists useless carbon tax and other red tape. I really hope that Jason Kenney will stand up for Alberta just like Doug Ford is working hard for Ontario and soon I really hope Andrew Sheer will be our Right Honorable Prime Minister, Then after fixing this horrible LIEberal mess and corruption Canada will once again be the best country in the world to live in.

David Henley

I find the polls are going the same as our freedoms. Controlled by the political mind set of the poll takers.Far to much bias in todays world..Facts are being distorted or eliminated to show results someone wants to see.