TRUDEAU & NOTLEY: Report Says Oil Industry Could LOSE Nearly 13,000 Jobs In 2019

The consequences of Trudeau & Notley’s horrendous policies.

The Canadian oil industry continues to pay the price for the horrible policies of Justin Trudeau and Rachel Notley.

As reported by the CP, “A new report says direct employment in Canada’s oil and gas sector is expected to fall by more than 12,000 jobs this year. PetroLMI says the workforce is forecast to drop to about 173,300 in 2019, a decline of 23 per cent from 226,500 in 2014. It says the oil and gas labour market shrank quickly in 2015 and 2016 following a commodity price collapse and remained relatively flat through 2017 and 2018.

In its 2019 labour market update, PetroLMI says about 12,500 jobs are at risk this year due to factors including low commodity prices, a decline in capital spending and uncertainty about getting oil and gas to market. It says workers in oil and gas services will be face the highest employment risk in 2019, while the pipeline sub-sector is the only category that is expected to register slight growth.”

And in case any Notley supporters wanted to try and pretend she doesn’t have responsibility here, the PetroLMI report “says British Columbia is poised to lose the fewest jobs while Alberta is expected to lose the most.”

Both Justin Trudeau and Rachel Notley are loyal to extreme, foreign-funded anti Canadian energy ideologies, and while they try to pretend to support the energy industry, one look at their actions shows they are against it.

That’s why the only hope for Canada’s energy industry is for both Notley and Trudeau to lose power.

Spencer Fernando

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Don Taylor

Trudeau and Notley are a disgrace to every Canadian

shawn harris

Even though both Trudeau and Notely profess to be focused on jobs, the evidence is clear , that both are more focused on socialist driven ideology than actually creating or saving jobs. This is especially true of Trudeau and Notely,since in Trudeau’s mind jobs only exist in Quebec and nowhere else and for Notely the only jobs she is concerned about are the one she creates for her government, while doing everything within her power to destroy the oil industry jobs. This dynamic duo of job creation have succeeded in only proving that under Liberal and socialist governments, is where… Read more »