Trudeau’s Lawsuit Threat Against Scheer Is A Massive Tactical Error

It guarantees even more coverage, and if Trudeau followed through on the threat, he and his cronies would have to explain themselves in a process they don’t control.

The threat by Justin Trudeau to sue Andrew Scheer for talking about the SNC-Lavalin PMO Scandal is a massive tactical miscalculation.

Throughout the entire escalating scandal, the Liberals have tried saying there’s “nothing to see here,” pretending it’s not an issue.

They’ve also desperately tried to deflect from what’s happening by changing the channel to other talking points, which has failed miserably.

But now, by threatening to launch a lawsuit against Scheer, the Trudeau Liberals are guaranteeing far more media coverage of the scandal.

Not only that, but if they actually followed through on the threat, they would be forced to explain themselves in court, removing their ability to lie and moving the process from the political realm – which they control through their majority – into the court realm, which they would not control.

Such a large miscalculation ironically reinforces how big a scandal this is, and how scared the Trudeau PMO is of the continuing fallout. When political parties and operatives become desperate, they lash out and make big errors, and that’s exactly what we’re seeing now.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Bruce Mills

It’s no surprise that the state run media (CBC) continues to refer to this SNC-Lavalin scandal as “the SNC- Lavalin affair.”

The immense gravity of what’s going on being brushed off as a difference of opinions is demoralizing. I can only imagine the completely different spin if it happened to be a Conservative government in the same situation (although everything in me would like to believe that a Conservative government would never be in this situation…).


Who says Turdo can’t control the supreme court? Who appoints the judges? Ask Bruce Montague if the Supreme Court of Canada takes direction from Cabinet.

Norbert Kausen

I do NOT think he cares!! After watching EVERYTHING he is doing, I am of the mind that he may well suspend the elections and declare martial law, to deflect all the nefarious activities he has perpetrated against Canada. He is delusional, sanctimonious, narcissistic… completely out of touch with reality! His father did so in 1970, when he invoked the War Measures Act and little boy wants to emulate his father… maybe even try to out- do him….

Doug Maenpaa

Scheer should make some “over-the-top” accusations, to force this into Court.

Now, thats tactical !

Leo Frey

“Not only that, but if they actually followed through on the threat, they would be forced to explain themselves in court, removing their ability to lie.”
Spencer, the only problem with this statement is Trudeau would have no problem lieing under oath. He has stood in front of millions of Canadians and lied. What’s one judge to him?