WTF? Catherine McKenna Giving $12 Million Taxpayer Dollars To Loblaws – Who Made $800 Million In Profits & Admitted To Fixing Price Of Bread For Over A Decade

What a waste.

Loblaws is a gigantic corporation that makes tons of money.

Last year, they had a profit of about $800 million.

They also previously admitted to fixing the price of bread for over a decade, costing many Canadians a lot of money for a basic necessity – something that hurt low-income Canadians the most.

“The Loblaw parent company reported $800 million in net earnings last year. They also admitted to being part of a bread price fixing racket that most adversely impacted poor people.”

So, most of us reading this would think that – of all the companies in Canada – Loblaws would be pretty low on the list of those who should be getting taxpayer funding.

And yet, common sense isn’t that common for Catherine McKenna and the Trudeau government.

Because today, she announced that Loblaws is getting $12 million taxpayer dollars.

The money is for upgrading their fridges to be more ‘environmentally friendly.’

“#LIVE NOW: Minister McKenna announces up to $12M in funding to @LoblawsON.”


Why the hell is Loblaws getting taxpayer money?

Shouldn’t they instead be getting a massive fine from the government and paying back all the Canadians they gouged for so long?

Can’t they pay for upgrading their own fridges?

While regular Canadian taxpayers get bent over and screwed by the carbon tax, the Trudeau government is going around giving gifts to the biggest most powerful corporations in the country.

This is absolute garbage.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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