WTF? Catherine McKenna Giving $12 Million Taxpayer Dollars To Loblaws – Who Made $800 Million In Profits & Admitted To Fixing Price Of Bread For Over A Decade

What a waste.

Loblaws is a gigantic corporation that makes tons of money.

Last year, they had a profit of about $800 million.

They also previously admitted to fixing the price of bread for over a decade, costing many Canadians a lot of money for a basic necessity – something that hurt low-income Canadians the most.

“The Loblaw parent company reported $800 million in net earnings last year. They also admitted to being part of a bread price fixing racket that most adversely impacted poor people.”

So, most of us reading this would think that – of all the companies in Canada – Loblaws would be pretty low on the list of those who should be getting taxpayer funding.

And yet, common sense isn’t that common for Catherine McKenna and the Trudeau government.

Because today, she announced that Loblaws is getting $12 million taxpayer dollars.

The money is for upgrading their fridges to be more ‘environmentally friendly.’

“#LIVE NOW: Minister McKenna announces up to $12M in funding to @LoblawsON.”


Why the hell is Loblaws getting taxpayer money?

Shouldn’t they instead be getting a massive fine from the government and paying back all the Canadians they gouged for so long?

Can’t they pay for upgrading their own fridges?

While regular Canadian taxpayers get bent over and screwed by the carbon tax, the Trudeau government is going around giving gifts to the biggest most powerful corporations in the country.

This is absolute garbage.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Bizarre… but it is an election year.

Heritage Party

Wow are tax dollars hard at work! Are the Liberal trying to destroy this country? If Loblaws would be a decent Canadian company they would not take the money. Let’s see if Loblaws does the right thing towards there Canadian customers.

Don Taylor

The Trudeau Govt ,should all be in prison for the theft of Taxpayer money


They are probably in a hurry to give the most of all tax dollars before the election….Maybe they fear they will not be re-elected….I sure hope they don’t…..But I must admit, I worry if corruption will go unchecked in Canada ….I guess time will tell….


Is Loblaws another big donor to the LPC? Honestly, that vomitous pos Trudeau and McKenna and all of the corrupt LPC make me sick.

Moe S.

There’s no money for veterans. No money for the mercury clean-up or clean water needed on Indigenous reserves. No money for the 172.000 unemployed oil industry workers of Alberta. Those telling smirks on the faces of those standing around Carbon Cathy in this photo speaks volumes, i.e., “this useful idiot is giving us $12 million dollars tax-free. Hold that smile even if it hurts every muscle in your face.”


Let’s all vote Conservative in the next federal election, wipe out the Liberals, and see if the “Deep State” owns both political parties or just the Liberals.

David MacKAY

Catherine McKenna does what she is told – when Dictator Trudeau says jump his boot lickers say how high and do it. When Dictator Trudeau says give away millions the bootlickers say “How much and to who?” and they do it.
Why didnt Trudeau just give Lavalin 12 million to pay their fine?

I predicted this several months ago by stating that the Turdo government had another 10 months to give away the…………SHIP! And you haven’t seen the last of it!


Gosh, it’s so easy spending & giving away other people’s money when you’re a Canadian politician, isn’t it? And, taxpayers are an easy mark, coz they can’t cancel the People’s credit card these cretins are using. Disgusting. Fraudulent carbon tax, abuse of funds for trips, travel, personal expenses, foreign donations, and now gifts to big corps that obviously donate generously to their campaign coffers. Fed up.
But, I bet McKenna & her fellow cabinet members stiff wait staff on tips unless they can add it via their taxpayer-funded expense accounts.

Eleanor Merkus

Whatever for? These lieberals are totally out of control!

Ken (Kulak)

Liberals giving money to their rich friends was part of the whole idea of the carbon tax.

peter black


old white guy

I have made this observation for decades now, Canadians are really dumb.


What is the money for? Why ? Private sector company. If I want to invest in Loblaws/Weston I will choose to do so. This is not for government to decide ! WTF is going on?


Looking forward to hear trudeau sputtering out the reasons for this donation to loblaws.


BOYCOTT Loblaws and all subsidiaries –
Zehrs, Your Independent Grocer, Provigo, Atlantic Superstore, Fortinos, Dominion, Independent City Market, Valu-mart, ARZ Bakery, Wholesale Club, T&T Supermarket, Real Canadian Liquorstore, Real Canadian Superstore, No Frills, Maxi, Extra Foods and Shoppers Drug Mart


I wonder how much Loblaws gave to the Liberals or is this payback for a DPA bribe?

I would like a nice new efficient fridge. Where is my $4000, after all, it’s my money she is giving out? Not enough money for Veterans but lots for their donors.

shawn harris

Since Mckenna and Trudeau view the average citizen as nothing more than useful idiots to be exploited and forced into servitude to the government,shows that they haven’t any real supporters left except the wealthy donors to the Liberal Party. This just shows how desperate Trudeau is ,to show how much he cares about jobs, he gives 12 million dollars of taxpayers money to a wealthy corporation, rather reduce taxes and maybe create even more jobs than he has already destroyed. The Liberals keep on proving just how out of touch they really are.

Arie Intveld

Canadians can at least take comfort in knowing that they will own 25% of each and every cooler and freezer that Loblaw’s is replacing. Oh …. and the price of a loaf of bread will soon be hiked up to $10 to help pay for the other 75% of those “green” coolers and freezers.


No big surprise here as would like to know how they have the power to just willy nilly hand our tax $$$$$ to anyone they please ,more than obvious by the day we need to drain the big cesspool in Ottawa Thanks climate Barbie for another show of ethical ignorance.

Bob Chambers

Pay back for the bread scandal ??


When this Unethical Liberal Government gives 12 Million Dollars of our Hard Earned Taxpayers’ money to a Corporation who has made 800 Million Dollars in Profits last year and who is owned by the 2nd Richest family in Canada, it is Pure and Simple – ROBBERY. Robbery both from this Corrupt Government and Robbery from Loblaws for Accepting this Stolen Money. Catherine McKenna, when you stand so proud for giving this STOLEN Money to this Corporation, this most definitely Confirms how Dishonest and Corrupt you are! Neither the Liberal Government with Trudeau at the Helm, Catherine McKenna or Loblaws have… Read more »


How much of that $12 million will go into the Liberal coffers?