REPORT: IMF SLASHES Canada’s 2019 GDP Growth Forecast

More failure for the Trudeau economy.

The bad economic news never ends.

As Canada gets slammed with the new carbon tax and gas prices surge, the IMF has slashed Canada’s GDP growth forecast.

Previously, they predicted 1.9 growth in 2019 – already a very weak number.

But now, that number has been lowered even further, with growth of just 1.5% predicted.

Those are incredibly low numbers, and puts Canada far behind the expected growth rate of 3.3%.

It’s yet more evidence that Justin Trudeau’s economic policies have been a total failure, and Canada’s economy can’t recover unless he is defeated.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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He doesn’t seem to care. Designating the gender of a pipeline is far more important.

Gonzo the Magnificent

I’ve got one for you: the pipeline itself HAS TO BE female. Seems to fit; anatomically speaking any way. HAHA!


Are we Surprised? Look who we have for a PM??

Eric Blair

I remember reading an article about revenue growth rates for companies and it stated that a growth rate of 1.5% was just keeping even with the rate of inflation. In other words the 1.5% growth was the effects of inflation and not actual growth. So basically our GDP is not really growing at all… just keeping up with inflation.

Gonzo the Magnificent

Eric, I’ve got one for you too: if we are at a 1.5% inflation rate, I will vote for JT.
It is an established fact – among those looking for the truth – that these contrived numbers from government bureaus have been low-balling the truth for decades; and not just with CPI metrics.We are probably ~ 5-7%.

shawn harris

So growing the economy from the heart out, promoting gender bending policies and wearing expensive suits and fancy socks, increasing taxes, regulations and forcing a carbon tax on everyone; just doesn’t get the job done, when it comes to expanding productivity and economic growth. Trudeau has proven over the last 3.5 years in office , that neither he or Morneau have any clue as to how to build a strong reliable and flexible economy, that responds to both the needs of businesses and consumers. Trudeau has also made certain that our trading partners won’t easily want to trade with us;… Read more »


It is time to sue the Liberal party for destroying our once beautiful country.